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Your fundraising efforts allow TWLOHA to continue presenting hope, connecting people to help, challenging stigma, and investing directly into treatment and recovery.

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Step One:

Show people your commitment

Be the first to donate to your fundraising page.

Step Two:

Engage your community

Tell people across your social media platforms about your fundraising campaign. View our sample posts.

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Step Three:

Start a letter writing campaign

Authenticity wins. Tell friends and family why you are fundraising and invite them to help.

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Step Four:

Share your progress

Update people on your progress and provide incentives to help people reach your goal.

Resources and How-to guides:

If you want to host a fundraiser for TWLOHA, email us at We’ll send you an application to make your event an official TWLOHA benefit. If your event is approved, TWLOHA will provide promotional tools, such as info books, flyers, or other resources appropriate to your event. Depending on availability and the type of event, you may also have the opportunity to book a TWLOHA representative to speak and/or sell merchandise for your benefit.

Have any questions about fundraising or hosting a benefit event?

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