Move for something that matters.

On April 23, 2022, a community of 2,418 people walked, rolled, hiked, ran, golfed, danced, and moved for our 10th Annual Run For It 5k. But it was also about more than this one day. For 8 weeks, we gave ourselves space to explore the connection between the mental and the physical. We got curious about movement and how it can support our journeys of healing.

Together we moved for:
Connection. Community. Recovery.
For those we’ve lost. For those we’re still fighting for.

To see the impact of the Run For It 5k campaign check out the hashtag #RunForIt5k on Instagram and Twitter.

Campaign Impact Since 2013:


24,108 Global Participants


924,092 Minutes of Movement


74,735 Miles Covered


$716,416 Total Raised

The Run For It 5k is a chance to collectively build a future where mental health is a priority. By moving with us, extending and sharing life-saving resources with those in your community, or investing in this work—you’re helping us move forward into that future. With the $140,000+ raised in 2022, TWLOHA will be able to connect 1,466,000 people to hope online and support 7,250 people in their search for help.

response cards

You moved for
something that matters.

Your reasons for running gave purpose to every step and helped us carry hope across the finish line.

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