Intern Program

Our Intern Program is a great way to be directly involved and immersed in the mission of TWLOHA. Interns are invited to join us in Melbourne, FL for a term to live in community together while developing both personally and professionally. They present hope and act as a bridge to help for those struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide.

Intern Responsibilities

A primary responsibility of all interns is responding to messages from supporters through emails and Facebook. All interns spend about half their day responding to the questions asked and stories shared through these platforms.

Additionally, interns will work in some of the following areas:
· University Chapters
· The Storytellers
· Social media content (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram)
· Office administration and finance
· Merchandise customer service
· Inventory maintenance
· News posts, blogs, and other editorial content
· Street Team
· Mail
· MOVE conferences
· Design (If you have any design or photography experience, please include some of your work in your application!)

Interns may also have opportunities to represent TWLOHA at events, such as awareness walks, festivals, and concerts.


We’re looking for people who are flexible, creative, hardworking, and have a heart for the issues we speak to. You might be a good fit for our intern program if you:

· Are at least 18 years old (by the application deadline)
· Have excellent written and oral communication skills, computer literacy, and thorough knowledge of the Internet
· Live in Melbourne, FL for the entire term
· Work well both independently and as part of a community
· Manage and prioritize multiple projects simultaneously
· Have a willingness and ability to take care of oneself while caring for others. (Because our interns respond to stories of hope and pain daily, please make sure you can balance the weight of that task while maintaining your own mental health. Your health is what’s most important.)

While not required, we prefer applicants have two years of college or professional technical experience.

International Applicants

We absolutely accept international applicants! If you are selected for an internship, our Intern Program Director will help you work out visa and travel documents. Please don’t apply for any type of visa before you talk to the Intern Program Director. We also encourage you to apply for a passport as soon as possible if you don’t already have one.