Welcome to National Suicide Prevention Week

Your story and your voice matter in challenging the lie that says we can’t talk about suicide. During National Suicide Prevention Week we are proud to stand with you to share the message: You Make Today Better. Throughout the week, we'll point you to a daily action step that will help you educate people about suicide and the ways we can prevent it, create open and honest conversations about mental health, and raise life-saving funds that will give people access to mental health care.

Did you know?

  • 800,000 people die by suicide each year.
  • That's one person every 40 seconds.
  • For each death, there are an additional 25 attempts.

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How you can help

Donate or Fundraise

We’ve set a goal to raise $150,000 to sponsor 3,000 counseling sessions and connect thousands of people to local mental health resources using our FIND HELP Tool. When you make a donation or become a fundraiser, you’ll make it possible for people to receive the help they need and deserve. Every dollar matters.

Donate or fundraise

Purchase a Pack

Our WSPD pack is designed to help you raise awareness and make an impact on the lives of those struggling. Every item features the message “You make today better” as a way of spreading hope and giving you an easy, accessible way to start conversations about mental health and suicide prevention in your community.

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Share the Campaign

To help bring this year’s campaign to every corner of the globe, we’re asking you to join the conversation by making your voice heard online and in your community. Download and complete the response card, use the #YouMakeTodayBetter hashtag when you post, update your profile pictures in honor of the campaign, and more! When you post, be sure to tag @TWLOHA on Twitter and Instagram so we can see, like, and repost it!


Come to a NSPW Event

We encourage people to be as visible as possible in their communities. TWLOHA will be hosting a few events during NSPW and you can learn more about them at our event calendar.


Listen to the Podcast

In the premiere episode of Season 2 of the TWLOHA Podcast, host Lindsay Kolsch talks to founder Jamie Tworkowski about the newly launched You Make Today Better campaign in honor of World Suicide Prevention Day. They discuss the significance behind this year’s slogan, You Make Today Better, how you can bring this message to your community, and why we should all push back against the lie that says there’s nothing we can do to prevent suicide. Visit our TWLOHA Podcast page for more episodes.

Read the words behind the campaign

Hope involves the future and so we talk a lot about tomorrow. We believe in a tomorrow that feels different from today. We believe in a tomorrow that involves love and wonder, healing and sobriety and whatever else you need... We understand that you may need some answers now. And so let’s talk about today. You make today better.

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