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Donating your birthday through Facebook is a great way to share hope with millions.

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Your birthday is more than cake and candles.

It’s more than a party. It’s a moment to celebrate that you are still here. And that means something. Your life is worth living. And as part of your celebration, when you donate your birthday to TWLOHA on Facebook and raise $100 you’ll connect over 275 people access to mental health resources.

Is your birthday between today and ?

To get you to the right place, we need to know if your birthday is within the next month. If so, you can get started now. If not, we’re happy to send you a reminder via email!

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Create your birthday fundraiser

Your birthday celebration can create hope for those struggling with mental health. It takes just 30 seconds to sign up and when you receive your first gift of $5 or more, we’ll send you a special birthday gift.

TWLOHA perks

Birthday Fundraiser Gifts

When you donate your birthday, we’ll be celebrating you with a special birthday gift! Be sure to complete your registration to be eligible!

RAISE $5+: Raise $5 or more and we’ll send you a birthday card and TWLOHA suncatcher!
RAISE $50: We’ll send you a birthday card, a suncatcher, and a sticker pack.
RAISE $150: We’ll send you a “You Matter Very Much” tote bag, a suncatcher, a sticker pack, and a birthday card.
RAISE $250: We’ll send you a $25 gift card to TWLOHA’s Online Store, a “You Matter Very Much” tote bag, a suncatcher, a sticker pack, and a birthday card!

Not your birthday yet?

We’re happy to send you a reminder so you can donate your big day closer to the date. And because we love saying thank you, you’ll get a special 20% off code when you sign up.

Questions? Email our team at [email protected]

Make someone’s (birth)day

You can participate in our birthday initiative even when it’s not your birthday.

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