Between the Bells

Between the Bells is a one-week interactive program designed for high school students to spark authentic conversations about mental health and to remind those struggling they are not alone. This program will educate students about common mental health struggles, what help and resources exist, and how they can play a key role in challenging the lie that says we can’t talk about these issues. Currently, we are able to offer the Between the Bells program free of cost to schools in the U.S. Our goal is to reach as many high school students as possible and to spark authentic and meaningful conversations about mental health.

Bring Between the Bells to your school

Register your school and get signed up to recieve a Between the Bells program kit that helps you spark conversations on your campus and spread a message of hope and help. Teachers and advisors are given access to a week-long guide of unique activities and resources to lead the conversation on campus. This includes instructions on how to get your pack(s), participate in our daily action steps, and share the Between the Bells video.

Some of the daily action steps take 10 minutes or less, while other suggested activities can be incorporated throughout the entire day to create as much opportunity for school-wide conversation and participation. All of our resources provided can be modified to meet your schools needs. This program can be implemented during any week throughout the school year. Do what works best for your school!

We know every school across the country is planning and coordinating their school year differently in order to keep everyone safe. We want to encourage you to plan your Between the Bells week so that it not only benefits students but follows any safety guidelines and procedures that your school has in place. We also know that not every action step will be feasible with varying safety measures, so if that translates to revamping one of the days or changing the setup completely, we understand and ultimately want students to know that they are not alone. Getting the materials and resources to students is the most important piece of the program. If you have any questions or need help with planning your Between the Bells week, please contact [email protected] for assistance.

Does it cost anything?

With generous grants from Lemonade and Love IV Lawrence, and our hope to get this program into the hands of as many students as possible, we are currently able to provide Between the Bells kits to schools in the United States at no cost.

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What’s inside the kit?

Each Between the Bells kit contains:

  • 500 Bracelets
  • 500 Info Cards
  • 500 Pamphlets
  • 10 Posters (18x24")
  • 25 Sticky Note Packs (25 in each pack) for schoolwide activity

You also have access to the
Advisor Portal which includes:

  • Daily Action Steps
  • The Between the Bells Launch Video
  • Planning Timeline
  • Topic Resources
  • Digital Assets

Millions are silently struggling.
You can make a difference.

We know that when a student’s struggles go unspoken, they will not get the help they need and deserve. It may surprise classmates, teachers, and parents to learn the state of mental health for many students and young people. We want you to know this important information:

Ready to bring Between the Bells to your school?

Teachers and administrators, we invite you to complete the registration application now to begin building a culture on your campus to talk about mental health issues.

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Attn: Students

If you want to bring Between the Bells to your school’s campus, you will need an administrator or teacher to complete the registration. We encourage you to print out the program letter and share it with an administrator/teacher at your school.

If you have any questions, please email