Suicide impacts every community on the planet.

And what people believe about suicide determines what people do about suicide prevention. If we as a community believe nothing can be done, nothing will be done. This is the first lie we tear down in honor of Suicide Prevention Month.

Join us as we fight the myths and misinformation that have marked the conversation about suicide for too long. We all have a role we can play in carrying this truth:

The world is not better without you.

Myths + Truths

How we help prevent suicide

Carry the Message

Carry the Message

By wearing the words that so many need to hear, you can be a visible reminder of hope for those struggling and the work we all can do to help prevent suicide.

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Raise Funds for Mental Health Scholarships

Raise Funds for Mental Health Scholarships

Mental health care is not accessible or affordable for most people. TWLOHA is helping to tear down this financial barrier by providing scholarships and assistance to those looking for mental health resources. A gift of $75 dollars gives someone the opportunity to sit with a therapist today.

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Find Help + Connect to Care

Find Help + Connect to Care

Everyone deserves access to the tools they need to keep writing their story. Our FIND HELP Tool allows you to search by zip code for local, affordable mental health resources. For “in the moment” support, dial or send a text to 988 to connect with the Suicide and Crisis Helpline.

FIND HELP Tool Self-care Resources

Fundraising Goal

We’ve set a goal to raise $300,000 by the end of National Suicide Prevention Week (September 16) to provide scholarships to cover 4,000 therapy sessions this year and to expand the resources found in our FIND HELP Tool.

Why therapy scholarships matter:

This scholarship has been a tremendous help! As a young black woman who has been on a 7-year long journey of finding a therapist, this scholarship has afforded me the opportunity to say that my current therapist is an amazing therapist!

This last year has been stressful and overwhelming physically, mentally, and emotionally. I could not afford to speak to someone on my own, and I have had and heard of a variety of horror stories through the help center at my university. I wanted to really dive deeply into myself with proper guidance and I was only able to do that through this scholarship. Over the last 2 months the growth in personal understanding and confidence has been immeasurable. Even as more challenges came my way, being in therapy has allowed me an outlet and professional guidance to help me navigate what I faced. This would not be possible without the TWLOHA scholarship. Real people are being helped, and the donations are making real change in our lives.

I would not be here today if not for the support that this scholarship has provided me. During a time where I have no other support system, I have leaned on this opportunity as my sole support. I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to heal and have a chance at a healthy life.

Your scholarship has helped save my life. It has eased the financial burden of copays so I can focus more on my mental health and life.

This scholarship allowed me to get the necessary treatment I deserved. Therapy helped me heal from my traumas, learn coping skills, learn about myself, relate to the world in a whole new way, and much more! I am so grateful for this scholarship and the treatment I received. Thank you TWLOHA!

I have been in a spiraling depression for over two years. I have had to take time off, as well as a medical leave, due to my condition. I’ve been on the desperate edge of suicide for months now, desperate for escape and relief. Thank you to TWLOHA T&R Scholarship, I have not had the added financial burden of worrying about covering my copays for my weekly therapy sessions. These sessions have been my fuel to keep living and keep fighting for hope. If it was not for my therapist and the help of TWLOHA, I don’t know where I would be. Thank you.

Campaign Partners

Thank you to these community leaders and companies for supporting this campaign:

If your company, organization, or school is interested in partnering with TWLOHA for WSPD, send us an email at [email protected] and tell us your idea!

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