The Woes of Using Fashion as a Mental Health Check

Aug 29, 2023

The Woes of Using Fashion as a Mental Health Check

with Alex Jones + Amber Gardner

The Woes of Using Fashion as a Mental Health Check

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Whether it’s our own perceptions or what the media has designated, when it comes to fashion and clothing choices, we make quick assumptions based on what someone is wearing. All black? You must be emotional or depressed or troubled. Bright and light? You must be carefree and happy. We see people’s mental well-being placed into boxes based on what’s in their closets and on their bodies. At the same time, there’s also space for our fashion choices to express who we are and what we like.

To help us address the woes of using fashion as a mental health check, we’re joined by TWLOHA staff members Alex Jones and Amber Gardner.

Alex Jones (he/him) is an Ohio native and has been a designer at TWLOHA for seven years and counting. Alex grew up doodling on any scrap of paper that came his way and still enjoys creative pursuits like photography, illustration, and lettering. When he’s not slinging designs at work or at home, he can often be found at the nearest theater watching the latest Oscar winners or nominees or playing games like “Up and Down the River” with friends.

Amber Gardner (she/her) works as TWLOHA’s Director of Partnerships, and is originally from the Northeast but currently calls Nevada home. When she isn’t cultivating relationships with both companies + individuals invested in mental health advocacy, you can find her hiking with her dog Lola, growing her plant collection (she used to name them but no longer does), or traveling the world (her favorite place thus far is Snowdonia National Park in Wales). As for this year, Amber is most looking forward to visiting Italy.

“Why don't we just ask everyone how they're doing? Why do we have to wait for how someone looks or what they're wearing or not wearing to check in?”

This episode of the TWLOHA podcast was hosted by Chad Moses and produced by Rebecca Ebert. Music assistance was provided by James Likeness and Ben Tichenor.


fashion, mental health, stranger things, star wars, color theory
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