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We’re excited to collaborate with streamers and content creators in saying that it’s okay to talk about mental health — it’s okay to ask for help. We need your voice in this conversation. Think about your efforts as not only raising funds for TWLOHA but also smashing stigma. The money you raise will help TWLOHA reach high schools, colleges, and communities across the country and nation with this message and connect people in need to local mental health resources.

Fundraise Media Kit

Wanna share your upcoming fundraising plans or have questions? Reach out to our team at on Twitter @twloha

Your Impact

Here's how you'll help make a difference in the lives of those struggling.


Help us Reach More People

Your gift allows our team to reach more people by supporting programs that help us reach high schools, universities, and diverse communities across the nation and world.


Connecting People to Help

Our team works online and in-person to connect people to local mental health resources. With your efforts, we can connect 6,000 people to free or reduced-cost mental health services in their community.


Be a Source of Hope

Hope is born through honest moments and small reminders that you are not alone. We do this 24 hours a day through our blog, podcast, and social media presence. You will help sustain this source of encouragement and conversation for millions.

New to Live Streaming?

Get started on Tiltify, our LIVE Fundraising platform. It’s free and easy to use. To learn how to start your first campaign, add rewards, and integrate your campaign into your stream, check out Tiltify’s support articles.

Get Started Tiltify Knowledge Base

If you’re already familiar with the platform or are ready to get started, register to fundraise now.

Twitch Chat Helpful Bot Commands

Here are some useful chat commands to add before your fundraising event. Feel free to add your own!


I’m raising money to support To Write Love on Her Arms. Your gift will make it possible to connect people to hope and help. We believe that your story matters. To learn more about TWLOHA, visit:


Love belongs to everyone. If you’re part of the LGBTQ+ community and are struggling today, please know we stand with you. Your life matters. We hope you’ll reach out to our friends at The Trevor Project (866-488-7386); Trans Lifeline (1-877-565-8860); or you can reach Crisis Text Line by texting TWLOHA to 741 741.


Your support matters. To make a donation, click here! [Insert Your LINK]


Your support doesn’t go unnoticed. Check out some of the awesome incentives I’m offering as I raise money for TWLOHA! [LINK]


Goal Crusher! Wanna see what I’m working toward? Check out my goals here: [LINK]


No matter what you’re facing, you deserve to be connected to help. Please know that people have been where you are now. Things can get better. Healing is possible. Find local mental health resources here:

Timeline + Suggestions

Here is a timeline to keep in mind when you’re setting up and running your fundraising campaign. If it’s your first campaign, we suggest you give yourself at least two weeks to set up the campaign so you have time to promote the event.

1-2 weeks out from go time

Before Your Stream

  • The Basics

    What is the event called? When will it be? How many streams will you do?

  • Promo Images

    Create promo images to share for the event, any incentives you’ll have, and be sure to add something to your channel about the upcoming event.

  • Tiltify

    Update your Tiltify page and add the Tiltify banner to your streaming application (OBS/Xsplit/etc).

  • Donation Links

    Update or add any donation links and update your Chat Bot Commands.

Cameras On

When You’re Streaming

  • Talking Points

    Be sure to introduce what you’re doing and why! See our suggested “Talking Points” for tips on how to talk about TWLOHA

  • Promote

    Tell the Internet you’re streaming. Be sure to promote your event while you’re broadcasting wherever your people are.

  • Post

    Post the donation link regularly in your stream so people know how and where to give.

  • Tiltify

    Keep your Tiltify Fundraiser visible so you can give your donors a shout out and a thanks on screen.

  • Have Fun

    Have fun. Be yourself. You got this.

1-2 weeks out from go time

Post Stream Glow

  • Celebrate

    You did it! Incredible work. Regardless of how much you raised, know that you’re sharing a message that could save someone’s life.

  • Share

    Be sure to share how your audience rallied and the funds you raised.

  • Gratitude

    Don’t forget to thank the people who donated. You can get creative here!

Suggested Tweets

You know your audience best, so feel free to tweak these or use your own words. Don’t forget to tag @twloha on Twitter and Instagram, and @ToWriteLoveonHerArms. on Facebook. We also encourage you to use the hashtag #StreamHope.


Join me on @Twitch for my #FUNDRAISERNAME charity stream in support of @twloha. For every $250 I raise we’ll help 600 people connect with hope and help. [Link to your channel/fundraiser] #StreamHope

Copy text

I’m LIVE raising money for @twloha. When you donate $25 you’ll help TWLOHA connect 120 people to local mental health resources using their FIND HELP Tool. Will you help me reach my goal? [Link to your channel/fundraiser]. #StreamHope

Copy text

I believe your story is important. I’m raising money in support of @twloha to share the message of hope and help with people struggling. [Link to your channel/fundraiser]. #StreamHope

Copy text

Love is still the most powerful force on the planet. I’m fundraising for @twloha to make it possible to connect people to the help they need and deserve. Join me on [YOUR DATES/TIMES] [Link to your channel/fundraiser]. #StreamHope

Copy text

Don’t believe the lies that say you can’t talk about mental health. I’m streaming [YOUR DATES] to help raise money for @twloha. Their mission is to provide hope and find help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. Donate here:[Link to your channel/fundraiser]. #StreamHope

Copy text

I’m [$XX] away from hitting my first goal for #FUNDRAISERNAME to support @twloha!! You guys are incredible but I think we can do even more—link to donate is here: [Link to your channel/fundraiser]. #StreamHope

Copy text

Talking Points

Here are a few helpful talking points to share on your stream.

Since 2006, TWLOHA has invested $3 million into treatment and recovery. Last year, TWLOHA sponsored 3,400 counseling sessions and 109 weeks of substance use disorder care.

Reached more than 12.5 million people online each month and shared over 120 stories of mental health and healing on the blog, podcast, and through LIVE events.

In 2021, we reached 16,000 high school students with our Between the Bells program which creates conversations and connects students to resources through a week-long campaign on campus.

In 2021, we supported 40,000 searches for mental health resources through our FIND HELP Tool.

Since launching our new FIND HELP tool in September of 2018, we’ve seen 131,000 searches made by people seeking out local mental health resources. For every 4 searches, 1 person takes the next step by making an appointment with a counselor or connecting to a crisis helpline.

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