NSPW 2018 – Day 2

Participate in WSPD Activities


Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. We want you to use your WSPD pack to start a conversation about suicide prevention in your community. Wear your WSPD shirt and bracelet, put your info cards and stickers in places where people will see them, and fill out your response card and share it on social media.

When posting your photos online, use the hashtags #TomorrowNeedsYou and #WSPD18. And be sure to tag @TWLOHA on Twitter and Instagram!


Help us spread the message that “tomorrow needs you” by sharing our video across social media! When you share it, tag someone who might need the reminder that tomorrow needs them.


We’re getting closer to our goal of raising $100,000 for treatment and recovery—but we need your help reaching it! Today is a great day to ask people to donate to the campaign at TomorrowNeedsYou.com or through your personal fundraising page.


We’ve created a campaign-specific desktop and mobile wallpaper. Change yours today and use it as a way to start conversations about suicide prevention with the people in your life. Click the images below to download.


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