NSPW 2018 – Day 4

Tomorrow Needs Them | Tomorrow Needs You

Today, we want you to reach out to someone and tell them why tomorrow needs them. You can use our NSPW stationery, send a text, email or give them a call.

In addition, we want you to spend some time doing something that emphasizes why tomorrow needs you. Maybe it’s your love of dancing and singing, spending time with your loved ones, playing soccer, creating art, or your dream to change the world through your activism. Whatever it is, we encourage you to do it today as it will shape tomorrow for the better.

We also want to hear why tomorrow needs you! Take a picture and share it with us online by using the #NSPW18 and #TomorrowNeedsYou hashtags.

You’re also invited to join us for a Twitter chat at (8 pm ET). We’ll be using the hashtag #TomorrowNeedsYou.


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