Amy Clover

Oct 16, 2018

Amy Clover

Your Emotions Are Not Going To Rule You

Amy Clover

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In this episode, TWLOHA’s Co-Executive Director Lindsay Kolsch interviews Amy Clover. They talk about Amy’s struggles with depression, OCD, and eating disorders, how she let go of control and embraced freedom through movement, and why she’s helping people become strong inside out.

Amy Clover is a writer, fitness personality, motivational speaker, teacher, and mental health advocate. She is the founder of Strong Inside Out.

Amy Clover, Strong Inside Out founder

“I was so afraid of work in the very beginning of both my depression recovery and my eating disorder recovery, but it's so rewarding to do it. And it just doesn't feel like work because you actually do feel better after you do it.”

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We’d like to thank Copeland for providing the original music featured here and Amy Clover for sharing her story with us. Lindsay Kolsch served as our host for this episode, which was produced by Mark Codgen, Claire Biggs and Jennie Armstrong of Lore de Force.


Depression, Anxiety, Suicide, Eating Disorder, Wellness, Mental Health
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