Indhira Rojas

Nov 6, 2018

Indhira Rojas

This Journey Is A Lifetime's Journey

Indhira Rojas

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In this episode, TWLOHA’s Co-Executive Director Lindsay Kolsch talks with Anxy Magazine creator Indhira Rojas. Indhira talks about why she was inspired to create a beautifully designed magazine about our inner worlds, covering issues like anger and masculinity, and why seeking counseling for trauma she experienced in her childhood was so important.

Indhira Rojas is a designer and the founder of Anxy Magazine.

Indhira Rojas

“It is absolutely natural that you would behave and act this way if you had such a traumatic experience.”

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We’d like to thank Indhira Rojas for sharing her story with us. Lindsay Kolsch served as our host for this episode, which was produced by Mark Codgen, Claire Biggs and Jennie Armstrong of Lore de Force, and Chad Michael Snavely.

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