Joel L. Daniels

Nov 27, 2018

Joel L. Daniels

It's Hard Right Now But It's OK

Joel L. Daniels

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In this episode, TWLOHA’s Co-Executive Director Lindsay Kolsch talks with Joel L. Daniels. Joel opens up about growing up without the language to talk about mental health, what happened when he called a crisis helpline, how writing has helped him start important conversations, and what his daughter is teaching him.

Joel L. Daniels is a writer, performer, actor, MC, and father. His book, A BOOK ABOUT THINGS I WILL TELL MY DAUGHTER, is available now.

Joel L. Daniels

“It's really important to give people the breathing room to do the same thing for themselves. So whether that's on social, off social, being able to kind of create a community of conversation that allows people to be as vulnerable as possible and have that received lovingly and openly at the same time.”

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We’d like to thank Joel L. Daniels for sharing his story with us and Copeland for the original music featured here. Lindsay Kolsch served as our host for this episode, which was produced by Mark Codgen, Claire Biggs and Jennie Armstrong of Lore de Force, Rebecca Ebert, and Chad Michael Snavely.

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