Bipolar Disorder

Mar 16, 2021

Bipolar Disorder

The Space Between Diagnosis and Identity

Bipolar Disorder

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On this episode of the TWLOHA Podcast, we’re discussing Bipolar Disorder, a mental health experience that by no means receives as much airtime or attention as others tend to. And yet, it’s something so many people deal with day in and day out, it’s something we know is relevant to so many of you.

Bipolar Disorder is a chronic illness—meaning it has no cure. That being said, this illness is not immune to treatment. Through personalized care, Bipolar Disorder can be managed. You can live with it. And to help us showcase what living with it can look like, we’re joined by educator and advocate Dr. Rachel Kallem Whitman and editor and writer Claire Biggs—two guests whose journeys may differ but still find common ground in their hopes of smashing the stigma that surrounds their diagnoses.

Claire Biggs

“The only thing diagnosis informs is treatment. It's not like a moral failing. It's not something that has any kind of relevance to your character. It's solely going to inform how we move forward helping you deal with this thing that's happening in your life.”

This episode of the TWLOHA podcast was hosted by Chad Moses and produced by Rebecca Ebert. Music assistance was provided by James Likeness and Ben Tichenor.


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