Counselor Aaron Moore

Apr 21, 2020

Counselor Aaron Moore

Coping With Anxiety and Isolation in a Pandemic

Counselor Aaron Moore

Episode Details

In the premiere episode of Season 3, TWLOHA’s Director of Outreach Chad Moses talks with Aaron Moore, a licensed mental health counselor, about coping and caring for ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic. They discuss things like anxiety, trauma, grief, and how to navigate physical distancing and social isolation.

“It flips kind of our normal every day upside down in many ways. We don't walk through this and have it not create some significant disruption in our life. And for some of us, if we've struggled with kind of anxiety or depression, things like that in the past, you go through a period like this and there's going to be a good possibility that some of those things might resurface.”

This episode of the TWLOHA podcast was hosted by Chad Moses and produced by Lindsay Kolsch and Mark Codgen, with editorial support by Rebecca Ebert. Music assistance was provided by James Likeness and Ben Tichenor.


pandemic, isolation, anxiety, grief, mental health
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