Counselors Seeking Counseling

Apr 13, 2021

Counselors Seeking Counseling

with LMHC Stephan Monteserín & Dr. Emily Burch

Counselors Seeking Counseling

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On this episode of the TWLOHA Podcast, we’re exploring the theme of normalizing mental health professionals both giving and receiving help. Counselors, therapists, psychologists—they’re often a saving grace for many. They provide wisdom and guidance and a safe space for us to lay bare our struggles. But beneath the titles, the offices, the knowledge, and the compassion, mental health professionals are also people. And we believe all people can benefit from things like counseling—but sometimes counselors are faced with a shameful stigma that says they shouldn’t need assistance with the hardships they’re trained to decipher and handle. So today, joining host Chad Moses to discuss and dismantle this hypocritical and hurtful stigma, are LMHC Stephan Monteserín and Dr. Emily Burch.

Stephan Monteserín is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor currently located in his hometown of Orlando, Florida. He’s a valued TWLOHA Board Member and he works to help people grow into freedom from oppressive patterns of thought and behavior. As a counselor, Stephan’s goal is to assist those hurting as they pass through their struggles and acknowledge their pain.

In 2020, Dr. Emily Burch completed her doctorate in clinical psychology whilst working in an inpatient mental health facility. Her experience stems from a variety of clinical environments, including a community mental health center, a local corrections facility, and an equine-assisted therapy program. Along with her professional mental health experiences, Emily is a writer, whose words you can find on the TWLOHA Blog. For Emily, writing, along with the support of her friends, significant others, and her cats Poptart and Mr. Noodles, provides a break from the stress and struggle of the world.

“We [counselors] spend so much time caring about other people and holding a place for their struggles. And I think sometimes we’re so much kinder and more caring towards our clients and the people we work with than we are for ourselves. And we really deserve just as much unconditional care and love.”

This episode of the TWLOHA podcast was hosted by Chad Moses and produced by Rebecca Ebert. Music assistance was provided by James Likeness and Ben Tichenor.


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