On Mountains, Mental Health, and Metaphors

Sep 15, 2020

On Mountains, Mental Health, and Metaphors

Gretchen Powers

On Mountains, Mental Health, and Metaphors

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In this episode, we hear from photographer and outdoor adventure enthusiast, Gretchen Powers. At the start of her journey with mental health, Gretchen believed that staying active and spending time outside were the keys to maintaining her well-being. But after years of battling waves of depression and anxiety, she found that her toolkit was missing some important things. Through trial and error and self-discovery, Gretchen talks with host Chad  Moses about the ways in which she has allowed herself to find healing despite the shame that she has felt along the way.

“Some [mountains] are climbable. Some of them aren't, you know, but at any given time at any given season, they're attainable and require a lot, a lot of work. They require preparation, both physical and mental. They require tools like bear spray, and crampons, and trekking poles, and lots of extra water. They require you to be really prepared. And I think that that's what living with anxiety and depression requires. It requires you to be prepared, it requires you to pack up your rucksack and head out the door with what you might need to take care of any part of it on any given day. And yeah, I just love this metaphor, and so if you are listening to this and are looking at your own life and your own struggles, I think figuring out what those mountains are to you, and being able to assess like, 'What do I need to make this mountain climbable? How many tools do I need? Where are we at? How much extra do I need to take care of myself today?'”

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This episode of the TWLOHA podcast was hosted by Chad Moses and produced by Lindsay Kolsch, with editorial support by Rebecca Ebert. Music assistance was provided by James Likeness and Ben Tichenor.


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