Relapse, Recovery, and Resolutions

Feb 2, 2021

Relapse, Recovery, and Resolutions

With Michelle Moore, LMHC & Donaven Smith

Relapse, Recovery, and Resolutions

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The calendar ending and beginning anew represents a clean slate of sorts. While there is value in the hopefulness of setting resolutions, we want to talk about the complicated reality of how resolutions impact relapse and recovery when it comes to alcohol abuse, addiction, and even self-injury. In the premiere episode of season four, host Chad Moses is joined by LMHC Michelle Moore and mental health advocate Donaven Smith to talk about how these mental health experiences are impacted by the all-or-nothing thinking that’s inspired by the start of a new year.

“Being in recovery, for me means that I'm actively heading in the opposite direction of addiction. And I think that's the distinction between addiction and relapse in recovery. I think recovery is a conscious choice. For me, it took being sick and tired of being sick and tired. And even after I made that conscious decision, I still wrestled with relapses. But the beautiful thing is that being in recovery means that I get to choose to pick myself up and try again tomorrow, and I don't have to do it alone.”

This episode of the TWLOHA podcast was hosted by Chad Moses and produced by Rebecca Ebert. Music assistance was provided by James Likeness and Ben Tichenor.


relapse, recovery, addiction, substance abuse, self-injury
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