Stop Apologizing For Existing

May 11, 2021

Stop Apologizing For Existing

Black And White Miniseries

Stop Apologizing For Existing

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For the last four years, TWLOHA’s Black and White campaign has happened every May. Why May? Well, May is Mental Health Month in the US. This month is a chance for us to continue combating the stigma that keeps far too many silent. It’s a chance for us to tell and to highlight stories of lesser-known challenges. It’s a chance to declare a few statements we believe to be Black and White when it comes to you and your mental health.

In the first episode of this year’s Black & White miniseries, host Chad Moses, with the help of TWLOHA’s Content + Copy Specialist Tori Muzyk, will be exploring the depth and meaning behind the statement: “Stop apologizing for existing.” Together, they discuss what it means to be more accepting of yourself and others, and how they’ve learned to hold space and grace for their past and present selves.

Tori Muzyk is TWLOHA’s newest team member. For the most part, she lives in the land of words. But when not writing, you can find Tori speaking in metaphors, petting dogs, fighting the good fight, and checking her horoscope. For those of you wondering, she’s a cancer.

“This has been an incredibly challenging year for every single person on the planet, or any living thing on the planet for that matter, and it really is crucial that we understand and hold grace for the fact that we're all going through things that either folks around us do or don't know about. And I think reminding ourselves that there is nothing that we need to apologize for in that basic level of we're all existing, we're all getting through what we’re getting through—slowly but surely—and we have permission to just be.”

This episode of the TWLOHA podcast was hosted by Chad Moses and produced by Rebecca Ebert. Music assistance was provided by James Likeness and Ben Tichenor.


mental health, stigma, addiction, alcoholism
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