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Back to the office, back to school, back to meeting face to face with the people we love. You might think it’s “back” to normal but ask yourself: Is it really “normal” if nearly half of teens report that they’ve struggled with anxiety or depression in the last year?

The rates of mental health challenges people experience increased significantly over the past two years and happened in the context of a severe shortage of mental health professionals.

In 2022, we learned that the rate of deaths by suicide increased by 4% from 2020 to 2021 with the largest significant percentage increase for males aged 15-24 (8%). And, the number of preventable deaths of those who died by a drug overdose or poisoning was estimated to be over 100,000. These numbers represent lives that did not get a chance for a better tomorrow.

What is needed right now is hope—a sense that the future can get better. What is needed is help—support from a counselor and a caring community.

We build this future day by day through the stories shared on our blog, conversations had on the podcast, vulnerable exchanges at the booth at a music festival, and intentional, daily messages of encouragement shared on the internet for the past 17 years. More people than ever are talking about mental health, and we saw a 17.5% increase in connections through our FIND HELP Tool which means more people getting connected to the help they need and deserve.

We invite you to browse our interactive Annual Impact Report to see the ways our supporters have allowed us to impact communities across the country in 2022.

You are Not a Burden

The funds raised during the campaign made it possible to

Sponsor5200 Hours of Therapy

For351 People

And Support4633Find Help Tool Searches

See our packs in action:

“I hadn't been able to start therapy due to a lack of being able to afford it. Your scholarship helped me get back on track to taking care of my mental health needs and it's caused me to have healthier relationships, including with myself. Due to your scholarship, after 15 years of neglect I finally feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders thanks to you and your organization.”
— T&R Scholarship Recipient

Find Help Tool

Investing in Treatment and Recovery

The funds raised during our Suicide Prevention Month campaign made it possible to sponsor six months of counseling for 145 people and sponsored 34,633 searches on our FIND HELP Tool.

5,220 hoursof therapy sponsored

40,000 searchesusing the Find Help Tool

Sharing Hope

Sharing Hope

Social media continues to create new opportunities to share the message of hope and carry out the mission of TWLOHA. Over the course of 2022, we shared more than 5,000 posts across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Each one of those posts was an opportunity to connect someone to a lived mental health experience, a message of encouragement, or a critical moment to deliver resources when it was needed the most.

9,300,000 connections to hope each month


When you fundraise for TWLOHA, you’re doing so much more beyond rallying your community and supporting our mission. You are sharing hope. You are joining us in the belief that everyone deserves access to inclusive and affordable mental health care. Here are some of our top fundraisers of 2022.


“I am trying to create more conversations around mental health. Conversations like this helped save my life. I want people to realize it is perfectly normal to need help sometimes, it doesn’t make you any less of a person and you don’t have to take on those struggles alone.”

— Calaflour, You Are Not A Burden Tiltify Fundraiser

“By being an active member of the Run For It 5k for the last seven years, I’ve had the opportunity to help normalize conversations about mental health and support this organization in bringing help and hope to people across the world. For that, I couldn’t be more grateful.”

– Ashley K., Run For It 5k Fundraiser

Supporter Benefits

Supporters often ask how they can help. One of the most beneficial ways you can help is by raising your voice and sharing your story. Our Supporter Benefits campaign helps people maximize their impact through online fundraising.

Failure Ball

The Failure Ball

The Failure Ball is a black-tie charity gala and failure confession founded to celebrate the screw-ups, leaning into the truth that failure isn’t something to fear, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. The 2nd Annual Failure Ball took place in Denver in 2022. They raised over $3,000 for TWLOHA!

Dirty Kitten Racing

Dirty Kitten Racing

In July 2022, Dirty Kitten Productions + Dirty Kitten Gravel Racing put on their 2nd Annual Ride For It fundraising benefit event for TWLOHA. This event was started by Alex Forte, who lost their good friend, Rose, to suicide in November 2020. It is Alex’s hope that this event can not only honor Rose’s life but be a way to reach others, all while raising funds for TWLOHA. Through a two-day gravel race in Virginia, the Dirty Kitten team raised over $5,000 in 2022, for a total of $12,000+ in the past two years.


Our TWLOHA Blue Crew gets its namesake from the color of the stitches on the first TWLOHA T-shirt. Blue Crew members support our mission with a monthly donation that allows our team to be present in places and spaces across the country to start more in-person conversations about mental health. Whether it’s a $1 or $100 monthly donation, each recurring gift makes it possible for hope to go just a little bit further.

“I have struggled with mental health for years, much of it when I was in my late teens and early 20s. I want to do what I can to support those who bring support to people struggling with their own mental health.”

Kaitlin, Joined October 2022

“I've believed in your mission for as long as I can remember and your words have helped me find comfort in difficult times. I know you've helped so many people and I am happy to help keep this going.”

Jenna, Joined February 2022

The Numbers

4,015 first-time donors

511 average monthly donors

13,408 fundraisers across 2 campaigns
and Facebook Fundraising

$303,512 of direct treatment and recovery
scholarships, grants, and assistance awarded

34,633 searches on our FIND HELP Tool

$42,000 dollars in grants awarded to Eleanor Health Foundation, Trans Lifeline, The Center, Voices of Children, and Crisis Textline

71,767 students participated in Between the Bells
and 47% of schools under Title I status

Sharing Stories

Our Blog + Podcast + App

As an organization built on storytelling, we utilize our blog and podcast to share stories of lived experiences that help others know they’re not alone. In 2022, we shared blogs and podcast episodes touching on mental health topics like addiction, Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, and suicide prevention. Our intention is to always make sure we’re talking about the things that feel hard to talk about. This is how we continue to unravel and challenge stigma and to share hope. Through the words we share, we create the world we aspire to exist in.

Launched in March 2021, The Hopeful is TWLOHA’s app designed as a daily-use self-care app featuring encouragement, journaling, and mood tracking. The first full year of The Hopeful saw thousands of downloads. Through unique journaling prompts, recording your emotions, and encouraging quotes, The Hopeful invites users to honestly reflect on how they’re feeling and provides a way to record themes and moods throughout the week, month, and year.

95 blogs published

10,636 downloads of The Hopeful

13 podcast episodes

The Hopeful App

The Stories

Over the past 15 years, we’ve seen the power a story has to change the direction of someone’s mental health journey. We’re dedicated to sharing stories of hope, healing, and recovery so that those in the midst of mental health challenges know they are in good company.

Louise Adams
Top Blog

Suicide is Hard to Talk About

Louise Adams

Nzinga Harrison
Staff Pick Podcast

Reframing Addiction
from Problems to People

Dr. Nzinga Harrison

Between the Bells

This week-long interactive program designed specifically for high school students encourages open conversations about mental health and sparks dialogue among students and staff. Since the launch of the program in 2019, Between the Bells has grown significantly, connecting over 70,000 students to mental health information and resources in 2022.

Thanks to generous partners, we are able to offer this
program free of charge to high schools in the US.

Our Merch

What started 16 years ago as a post on Myspace and a box of T-shirts is now a global movement still sharing hope and helping people get connected to the professional care they need and deserve. Every time you wear TWLOHA, you further our mission and deepen the impact within your community.

You Make Today Better T Shirt

shipped to50 states

fulfilled22,035 merch orders

delivered to52 countries

Often, we hear the question, “Why T-shirts?” In the beginning, before TWLOHA was even a non-profit, there was only one shirt, and it served the purpose of helping to pay for one person’s treatment. In early 2006, there was no plan to start an organization or create a movement. But as TWLOHA began to grow, we continued to use merchandise as a way to fund this work.

27,129 t-shirts sold

4,038 accessories sold

You Make Today Better T Shirt

When you wear TWLOHA, you’re joining a movement of people who believe—without a shadow of a doubt—that hope is real. But the shirts, hoodies, bracelets, and hats aren’t only about long-term financial support for the organization. Every piece of merchandise has a much bigger purpose. They’re a conversation starter. They’re something that ties supporters together as a community. They spread the TWLOHA message to someone who might not have found us otherwise. While we will never know the number of people who see a shirt “in the wild” and later search, “What is TWLOHA?”—we do know that each conversation that is sparked because of a shirt or sticker or keychain helps break down the stigma surrounding mental health.

However you support TWLOHA, we thank you for caring about our mission and caring for your communities so deeply. We are so glad you are a part of our story still going.

Events of 2022

During the first events of 2022, there was a tacit admission that we were coming together not to replace anything that we had lost but rather in the hopes of building something more beautiful for all that we had missed. It was a slow process of waking up that truly erupted into what would end up being our most impactful year on the road in over a decade.

This was our first full year of touring since 2019, and we went into the year with the simple desire to show up. There was no guarantee of success (though we had plenty), no assurance that we would be remembered (though we were greeted time and again by “I was hoping to see TWLOHA here”), and no promise that the hope we were presenting would be warmly received (though our team cannot recall such a year as this where we rarely had to explain why we do what we do).



From Jacque

“Sam had not seen us since Warped Tour and said she felt like she was reliving her ‘emo girl days.’ Sam shared about how she used to buy our bracelets to cover up self-injury and how exciting it was to be buying them a decade later and 10 years free of self-harm. She now lives in LA and works as a label assistant and can’t believe she’s made it as far as she has. She told me she wouldn’t have made it if she didn’t find TWLOHA at 13 and discovered a way out of the darkness through the community.”



From Chad

“Despite having worn one of our Fears Vs. Dream wristbands for years, our booth hit Blake as quite the surprise mostly because he never knew what ‘To Write Love on Her Arms’ meant. A while back, Blake struggled greatly with suicidal ideation and had a couple of attempts. In the wake of a dark period, he was prescribed an antidepressant and one of his attending nurses gave him the Fears vs Dreams wristband as a reminder that he had a team around him. He was happy to report that he has been feeling good lately, but by pure happenstance, he was able to connect our festival-issued orange sign to the words on this wristband.”


events over 133 days in 18 states,
D.C., + Canada


Marathons of 2022

The triumphant return of in-person marathons allowed 20 people to run for hope and healing, raising over $30,000 for TWLOHA. As a charity partner in four of the country’s biggest marathons—the TCS New York City Marathon, LA Marathon, Brooklyn Marathon, and the Chicago Half Marathon and 5k—our team got to be on site to share the reminder that there is victory in every step.


Corporate partnerships allow TWLOHA to work with businesses that want to join forces and help spread TWLOHA’s message of hope while raising funds for our mission. Through the generosity of these companies, we are able to reach more people and new audiences with help and hope.



We were honored to be named as one of Gozney’s charity partners as they celebrated their founder’s (Tom Gozney) 15-year journey from substance abuse recovery to visionary designer. To mark this milestone, Gozney launched the Tom Gozney Signature Edition Roccbox Pizza Oven and pledged to donate $100,000 of the proceeds to TWLOHA and two other organizations to support people struggling with alcohol and drug dependencies across the globe. We were honored to receive $50,000 in 2022 through this exciting new partnership.



2022 marked our third year partnering with Skullcandy. The limited-edition Inequality Crusher Headphones, featuring the unique Rainbow Pride colorway and highlighted by the Progress Flag and an “All Love'' inscription, supported TWLOHA with a portion of proceeds donated to support hope + help for the LGBTQIA+ community. This partnership raised over $55,000 in 2022.

Thanks to All Our Partners

Our Team

2022 was a season of growth in more ways than one for Team TWLOHA. We added folks in several different capacities to our growing team. Seven full-time staff joined TWLOHA in 2022 with three new positions created within our Development, Design, and Human Resources departments. Expanding the capacity of our team allows us to further engage with our mission, support our staff, create new connections with supporters, and nurture existing relationships.


A shift to a fully-remote intern program in 2020 allowed for an entirely new outlook on the program. It opened opportunities to would-be interns who would have otherwise not been able to pursue our in-person internship. In 2022, our intern class was the largest remote intern class ever with 28 interns. Representing 14 states and two countries, our 2022 interns worked with our Development, Finance, FIND HELP, Design, Communications, and Supporter Engagement teams to further their skills and our mission.


Our Finances

See how your contributions helped us fulfill our mission and where we invested our funding in 2022.

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