Najwa Zebian

Oct 23, 2018

Najwa Zebian

I’m Going To Heal From It

Najwa Zebian

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In this episode, TWLOHA founder Jamie Tworkowski talks with Najwa Zebian about the loneliness that came with moving from Lebanon to Canada and how that affected her teaching, why she uses social media to fight the stigma surrounding mental health, and how she processes her struggles through writing.

Najwa Zebian is a celebrated Lebanese-Canadian poet, speaker, and mental health advocate.

Najwa Zebian

“At some point my words and my feelings started controlling me and there was this flood of emotions that were just bottled up inside...they were coming out and I was healing by doing that.”

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We’d like to thank Copeland for providing the original music featured here and Najwa Zebian for sharing her story with us. Jamie Tworkowski served as our host for this episode, which was produced by Mark Codgen, Claire Biggs and Jennie Armstrong of Lore de Force, and Chad Michael Snavely.


Depression, Trauma, Mental Health
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