World Suicide Prevention Day

In the weeks leading up to World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10), you raised your voice to amplify a conversation about suicide prevention and took action to reverse the growing rate of suicide. We stood united with the hope of helping people see that there is so much WORTH LIVING FOR. And in the days, weeks, and months to come, you can still be a part of this movement. Below are some ways for you to continue the work.

800,000 people die by suicide each year.
It claims more lives than war, murder, and natural disasters combined. Learn More

Mental health affects everyone, but some groups are disproportionately impacted by suicide, with contributing factors of discrimination across race, gender identity, and sexual identity.

Your Impact


114 million People Reached

Over 114 million people were reached with this message of hope


3,360 Packs Distributed

3,360 WSPD Packs were distributed to people in 50 states + 30 countries


$265,000 Funds Raised

$265,000 was raised for treatment and recovery

Your support makes it possible to fund:


3,750 Counseling Sessions


45,000 FIND HELP Searches

To everyone who raised their voices, shared this message, and gave so that others can find hope and healing: thank you.

Why these counseling scholarships matter:

When I lost my good friend and former roommate to suicide, I knew I needed help. I was not able to afford therapy on my own, especially without health insurance. Thanks to TWLOHA’s Treatment & Recovery Scholarship, I don’t have to navigate the terrifying and tumultuous waters of my friend’s death and my own mental illnesses alone. My therapist helps validate and encourage me along with providing me tools to combat negative thoughts when the world around me feels too heavy. –Scholarship Recipient

It means everything. It means I can breathe again without feeling like I’m drowning. It means I don’t feel alone in this world. It means I have someone who believes me. It means I’ve survived. –Scholarship Recipient

I am stunned, gratitude around the moon and back for granting me the financial resources for treatment. Recovery is a difficult enough process. Having one less thing to worry about financially allows me to exhale a bit and put more focus into a recovery-oriented mindset. I cannot thank TWLOHA enough for such a gift. –Scholarship Recipient

This scholarship has helped me more than you know. I am alive, I am recovering, and I am starting to see what life looks like without the constant cloud of mental illness. I cannot thank you enough. –Scholarship Recipient

It meant being able to have a larger tool kit to reach into when COVID-19 hit, where I was able to cope and manage my mental health as an essential worker. It has continued to change my life by allowing me to hold the vision of who I want to be and to trust the process of healing. –Scholarship Recipient

TWLOHA’s scholarship has provided me with the ability to continue consistency in receiving essential help, especially during this pandemic where I’ve lost all my income. As a single mom, having some breathing room to buy some basic necessities never goes without deep gratitude. This scholarship has a ripple effect — my children are recipients of the positives of a healing momma, as well as seeing how giving to those in need can alter a life and provide hope. –Scholarship Recipient

I have struggled with my depression for a long time, I say ‘my’ because it feels very personal and isolating, even though I know there are many of us that share this illness. This movement, correction, everyone engaged in this movement, reminds me every day that I am not alone. As much as my family would like to help me, there is only so much financially that they are able to provide. This scholarship has helped me return to counseling when I needed it the most in another set of my darkest hours. –Scholarship Recipient

Ways to Keep the Conversation Going

Shop the Collection

Shop the Collection

Make noise in your community and be a visible reminder of the importance of suicide prevention and mental health awareness year round:

Shop the Collection

Check Out the Conversation

Check Out the Conversation

Thousands of people helped bring this year’s campaign to every corner of the globe (and the internet). To see their stories, check out the #WorthLivingFor and #IAmLivingFor hashtags across social media. You can also rewatch our in-depth conversations with artists, actors, poets, and leaders in mental health advocacy through our Facebook roundtable discussions and Instagram Lives.

Facebook Roundtable Discussions
Barriers to Help
Understanding Suicide

Instagram LIVE Conversations
Morgan Harper Nichols + Chris Sullivan
Adley Stump, Said the Sky, and Aundre Larrow
Ashlyn Harris + Aaron Moore

Find all our conversation on our WSPD 2020 Playlist on YouTube.

Read + Listen

Read + Listen

Throughout the campaign, we released new blogs and podcast episodes that helped us dig deeper into the topic of suicide prevention and how we can all play a part in changing the numbers.

No Moments Are Worthless
The Story of My Life
Survivor’s Guilt
Courage and Compassion
See all the blogs from the campaign here.

Podcast Episodes
Losing Someone to Suicide
Barriers To Help
Dealing With Thoughts Of Suicide And Finding Purpose
Said The Sky and Olivver the Kid: Worth Living For

Campaign Partners

Thank you to these community leaders and companies for supporting this campaign:

If your company, organization, or school is interested in partnering with TWLOHA for WSPD, send us an email at [email protected] and tell us your idea!