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By To Write Love on Her ArmsDecember 1, 2015

This might sound obvious, but 2016 has never happened before. It is a thing completely new. And if that speaks to you, perhaps it’s because we all ache for change. We ache for fresh starts and second chances, for rescue and recovery and peace.

As for us, we want 2016 to be our biggest year yet. We want to put FIND HELP resources into the hands of 10,000 more people. We want to start a conversation about mental health on the Vans Warped Tour and at more than 100 festivals across North America. We want to help our 70 University Chapters continue to challenge stigma on college campuses.

There are so many things we want to accomplish in the next year, but we can’t do them without your help. Today, on Giving Tuesday, we’re launching our #into16 campaign with a goal of raising $50,000 by December 31.

Here are three ways you can get involved with our campaign:

Create a personal fundraising page.

  1. Go to our Classy page and click “BECOME A FUNDRAISER.”
  2. Create your page and set your fundraising goal.

Make a donation.

  1. Show your commitment and be the first person to donate to your fundraising page. People are also more likely to give if you’ve raised even a few dollars.
  1. Ask a friend or family member to make a donation as a gift to you!  
  1. Share your page on social media using the #into16 hashtag.

Spread the word.

Ask your friends and family members to share our Classy page.

Big or small, every donation matters. Every dollar helps us connect people to the help they deserve. Bring hope #into16 and make a one-time or monthly donation by heading to our Classy page here.

As a way of saying thanks, we’re offering the following donation incentives:

  • $100 – Downloadable version of the TWLOHA calendar images.
  • $300 – 1 pack of TWLOHA magnets + downloadable version of the TWLOHA calendar images.
  • $500 – 1 signed copy of  If You Feel Too Much, 1 pack of TWLOHA magnets, + downloadable version of the TWLOHA calendar images.

If you can’t give this year, you can still help. Let your family, friends, and followers know how they can support TWLOHA in 2016.


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  1. Darquetta

    I don’t think I am fixed, I feel like and have come to realize that I don’t think I am fixed. People in recovery- people who are either dealing with depression (which I am), bipolar or substance abuse or whatever else mental illness they may have. Their not fixed although people may think they are. But no. I don’t think I am fixed, I also don’t think that recovery has a day off. It’s like you have a day job off of work but then again recovery doesn’t. Recovery doesn’t have a day off.
    Recovery is a lifelong struggle. People think your like a car in a body shop. You go in, they fix you and your out. But no, it doesn’t. It doesn’t work like that, it doesn’t work that way. It takes constant fixing. I am realizing that this is something that I am going to have to deal with for the right of my life.

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    1. David Edwards

      You couldn’t be more correct. Recovery is most definitely something that you can’t just take a day off from. And it’s not easy. Period. Whatsoever. But the payoff is so worth it! I deal with depression and anxiety to this day. I’ve been clean for 14 months. Doesn’t mean that everything about you is going to change. But the way you choose to do with certain aspects of your life, that’s where the real change starts. It’s a roller coaster ride that has no ending. There’s always going to be ups and downs. It’s just part of the journey. But as long as you allow it, and you really really strive for this better life, you’re going to have more ups than you will downs. Best of luck to you!

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  2. Daphnee

    Un jour Dieu ma dit de choisir et je tai choisi je sais pas pourquoi la vie es difficile avec moi je ne lai pas choisi comme sa je veut que etre aimer je suis taner je suis briser si je pouvais metteindre et eteindre mes sentiments je le ferai malgre mes efforts de quitter ce moonde tu men empeche pourquoi est tu aussie acrocher laisse moi mourir tout le monde serai heureux et moi donc siltelaplait laisse moi quitter ce monde de merde Ces quand le jour ouske ma vie va sarretee

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  3. Daphnee

    Jai mal

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  4. Daphnee

    Jespere que quelquun parle francais

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  5. Sean herman

    This comment could not be shared due to the nature of the message.

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  6. David Edwards

    My name is David. I’m a recovering drug addict. I’ve been clean since 12-08-14. I have depression, anxiety, I’ve attempted suicide……I just watched your movie. It brought me to tears. I think rehab was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have a support group I’ve created on Facebook called “Letting Go Of Yesterday.” My story has really helped others. Seeing your movie has made me want to go further, and beyond what I’ve already done. Thank you

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