How I Discovered My Depression—and Began to Confront It

By David PerryNovember 1, 2018

This excerpt is from an article published on Pacific Standard Magazine. To read the piece in full, please click here.

I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety on the day that Anthony Bourdain died. The timing was mostly coincidental. After over six months of wrestling with my mental health, I had reluctantly made an appointment with a doctor, where I expected to do what I always did: talk about short-term issues but repress the long-term concerns. I’ve had many episodes like this, episodes I either drowned in alcohol or addressed through brief periods of therapy.

But when the news about Bourdain broke, the suicide of this writer whom I venerated shook me hard. I spoke honestly with a medical professional for the first time in my life. I talked about the decades of feeling empty. I revealed the fantasies of self-harm that I had dismissed as morbid little daydreams. I wept. The bright, young general practitioner suddenly realized he had better locate the Kleenex.

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  1. Christina Shepherd

    I need help

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    1. TWLOHA

      Hi Christina,

      We’re glad you reached out to us. The help that you need and deserve exists. Would you email us at [email protected] so we can offer you some resources and encouragement?

      We are inspired by your courage to reach out and ask for help.

      With Hope,

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