In This Together

By Steve NguyenAugust 29, 2019

Depression is not just sadness. It is not mood shifts or feeling down. Depression is darkness in a convoluted maze. Imagine working as hard as you can to find a way out, only to run into a dead-end each and every time.

But in contrast to the darkness, there is a light. A light within us that I like to call our “inner light.” It could translate to a number of things for others, but for me, it was how I survived. It’s what guided me out of that once endless maze; it’s the reason I’m still alive today.

I know it’s difficult to believe in or spot the light when darkness engulfs you. It took soul searching, vulnerability, openly sharing my feelings, as well as the decision to seek professional therapy for my inner light to grow.

I want you to take a moment, put your hands out and imagine what that light looks like for you. Do you see the overwhelming flames of a bonfire? Or do you see a little ember that’s just trying to hold on? Maybe you see what I see… a soft, glowing orb that refuses to fade. Whatever your inner light may be, embrace it. Hold it. Cherish it. Nurture it.

And please don’t be afraid to share it with someone else. Your light is beautiful. Your light is worth celebrating every day.

We’re in this together.

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Comments (15)

  1. Leinza P.

    Light, beautiful and inspirational!

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  2. Juliette

    We are SO in this together!

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  3. Carleene Edwards

    A powerful and blessed talent! I love Steve’s work! Always!

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  4. Margrett Flowers

    Saw this on Twitter!
    Beautiful! So glad for work like this! Makes the world a little less scary

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  5. Mark Stalplez

    Truly inspiring!

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  6. Roxanne Erickson

    Thank you very much for discussing depression and the ways to cope up with it before it deepens. Whenever I face such situation, I prefer to utilize cognitive Strategies. Please discuss these strategies too. Keep on writing informative stuff for your followers.

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  7. Steven Warren

    This is indeed a different perspective about life and the challenges one may face while dealing with depression. you are a true inspiration for us!

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  8. Vera Graham 

    Give your inner light a glow when darkness takes over. Wow! Your determination related advice is remarkable.

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  9. Miranda Mccoy

    Steve Nguyen, it is my routine practice that I forget incidents and happenings which may take my nerves. I don’t waste my energy trying to change them, rather I strive to carve a bright future from the present moment.

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  10. Terrance Cross

    This is what I learned from your blog post:
    Never ever keep waiting for a perfect time. It will never be perfect until you discover your own inner light (positivity within yourself). Life will always be full of challenges and obstacles (darkness). So what? Keep on rejecting negativity and always be ready to embrace your inner light. Am I right?

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  11. Flora Huff

    This is commendable and worth sharing. We’re in this together!

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  12. Katherine Austin

    Each and every word of this blog post is full of encouragement and gives us a new hope to face challenges of life boldly.

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  13. Darian G.

    Needed to hear & read this. Thank you!

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  14. Darian G.

    Needed this. Thank you!

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  15. Rebecca

    Thank you, Steve, for sharing part of your story on this platform. I’m that soft glowing orb that is refusing to be extinguished. Refusing to give up, let go, quit, or remain silent.

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