Resources for Recovery + Safety: Fentanyl

By To Write Love on Her ArmsMarch 8, 2023

Fentanyl and other synthetic opioids are the leading cause of overdose deaths in the United States. Countless communities are grieving and picking up the pieces of lives and families shattered by loss. We know that recovery from opioids is an incredibly challenging process. With fentanyl in the mix, it turns struggling with substance use into a potentially lethal outcome at any given moment. We believe that people deserve the chance for recovery and the only way to do that is to keep them breathing.

Shatterproof offers a tool available to 41 million people to help find and compare treatment facilities and make an informed choice.

SAMHSA Opioid Overdose Prevention Toolkit is a confidential and anonymous resource for those seeking mental health or addiction treatment centers in their residential area (for United States use).

Opioid Treatment Program Directory provides a directory of resources by state with opioid treatment centers and programs.

National Harm Reduction Coalition educates individuals about the risks of fentanyl while providing harm reduction strategies to lower overdose statistics.

End Overdose educates and trains individuals about how and when to intervene during a suspected overdose while destigmatizing the conversation surrounding mental health and addiction.

Overdose Lifeline is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping individuals, families, and communities affected by substance use disorder. They work to prevent overdoses through education, preventative treatment, and by offering emergency services in Indiana.

Be The Place works to normalize naloxone and other overdose prevention tools around the United States while attending music and art festivals and providing free Naloxone to fight against the fentanyl epidemic.

Eleanor Health is a mental health and addiction treatment center focused on providing compassionate, evidence-based care for individuals impacted by addiction. They strive to transform the quality, delivery, and accessibility of treatment by integrating care and coordinating services to improve the quality of life.

Next Naloxone (Nar-Can) works to reduce opioid overdose death, prevent injection-related disease transmission, and improve life for those using drugs through an accessible online and mail-based harm reduction platform. It is available in all 50 states in the United States.

NASEN includes a directory with harm reduction locations across the United States.

Opioid Response Network provides community trainings covering the prevention, treatment, and recovery of opioid use disorder.

Fentanyl Test Strips – Dosetest helps curb the dramatic increase in drug overdose deaths driven by synthetic opioids like fentanyl. DAODAS contracts with many community distributors of naloxone in South Carolina to enhance their overdose prevention programs by offering fentanyl test strips at no cost.

Fentanyl – Just Plain Killers exists to help reduce the risk of overdose by providing data and resources about fentanyl and how to decipher legitimate and counterfeit pills.

Facing Fentanyl is a not-for-profit assembly of grassroots illicit fentanyl awareness groups dedicated to addressing the impact of fentanyl and providing prevention education and opioid reversal kits to schools.

LRADAC is a nonprofit organization that offers a wide range of prevention, intervention, and treatment programs to take a proactive approach to fighting addiction and drug misuse in schools, businesses and neighborhoods. Their mission is to spread the message that there is hope, and that substance misuse and addiction are preventable and treatable.

RIZE Prevention is an evidence-based comprehensive school-based drug prevention program that has a mission of education, enlightenment, and empowerment for teenagers.

Ground 40 helps men transition back into the community from homelessness, addiction, and incarceration. They facilitate this through discipleship and education with a foundation based on biblical principles.

Additional Informational Resources About the Opioid Epidemic and Fentanyl

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Disclaimer: Although TWLOHA believes in the power of professional help, you are responsible for selecting the provider or treatment. TWLOHA cannot accept responsibility for any of the services provided by these or any other providers.

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