Valentine’s Day Doesn’t Have to Suck 2015 – Live Q&A

By To Write Love on Her ArmsFebruary 11, 2015

Live streaming video by Ustream

We’re hosting our 8th annual “Valentine’s Day Doesn’t Have to Suck” chat this Saturday, and we’re so excited to announce a few changes to how we’ll spend Valentine’s Day with you.

This Saturday, our founder Jamie Tworkowski will participate in a live Q&A from 9:30 – 11:00 PM EST with special guest Josh Montgomery from The Summer Set, and you’ll be able to watch it right here on our blog!

Want to ask him something about “IF YOU FEEL TOO MUCH,” the “To Write Love on Her Arms” movie, or the history of TWLOHA? Comment below with your questions or tweet them to @TWLOHA using the #TWLOHAVDay hashtag.

Preorder “IF YOU FEEL TOO MUCH” by TWLOHA founder Jamie Tworkowski
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Comments (27)

  1. Chrissy

    Hi Jamie! Thank you for everything you do for TWLOHA. In the past, I’ve been lucky to see you speak at a public event at local coffeehouse. Lately, it seems like most of your speaking engagements have been at colleges and events with limited access. Will there be more public TWLOHA speaking events in the future?

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  2. Heather

    Hi Jamie!!! I was wondering what the book writing experience has been like for you, and how you feel now after it’s finally here and ready for people to read. Does it feel kind of surreal?

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  3. Mariana

    Well this is weird. Is it going to be a chat as years before? Cause I can see a new platform plus tweeting your questions and all that stuff is also new. Anyway count me in! Tomorrow is going to be my 3rd time plus the anniversary of my subscription to the street team… So excited!!!
    With love M aka Isabel Von Turbel from Mexico

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  4. Katelynn

    As an introvert what is your favourite or your go to to “recharge?”

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  5. Waverly Reynolds

    First off, you are freaking awesome and I am stoked for your book to come out!
    Second, will you be doing a book tour? If so, come to la or san diego!

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  6. Ava

    Do you have plans to come to the UK? I’ve been following TWLOHA for quite a while and anytime I’ve looked I’ve never seen any dates for events here and was curious. I really appreciate everything you’ve done and can’t wait for your book and the movie. Thank you.

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  7. monica

    hey i was just wondering how i should ask someone if they’ve been dealing with depression or have been having suicidal thoughts the other day a guy on my swim team approached me and asked ( he was the first person to ever ask me in person) and that meant a lot to be so i want to try and help others out as well but i’m scared

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  8. megan

    hi. um i was wondering when someone breaks up with you, i was wondering if theres any advice you can give on how to handle the situation? and how to deal with a break up.

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  9. Amanda Cox

    1) will you marry me? 2) can you please tour around Pittsburgh or central PA? 3) when will the 5k packs be coming out and will there be other ways for people to participate other than coming to the race? Love you! Happy Valentines day to the entire TWLOHA team.

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  10. Jenni

    How did you get started in writing? When did you realize you could write so well? Was there a specific person that got you started?

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  11. Jacob Mickelson

    Any plans of expansion or job openings? It’s been my dream to work for twloha and I regret not applying a year ago when you had openings. Thank you Jamie for everything you do. You and twloha helped me through some tough times in my life and you are still a daily inspiration and role model.

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  12. Anonymous

    How do I preorder If you feel too much in Canada? I’m so excited for it to come out but I need to know how to get it.

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    1. Ashley

      You should be able to preorder it on amazon!!

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  13. Christy

    Have you ever suffered with depression or mental illness?

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  14. r8chel

    Jamie, you have traveled extensively and met many people however, you are not yet married. Do you think love is something one must seek out or it finds a person? How does one continue to hope for something that has thus far eluded them to no avail?

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  15. Ricky

    First, thank you for everything you and TWLOHA has done to raise awareness and treatment of depression. My question is: I really want to raise awareness of depression and suicide specifically in the teen years. Do you have any advice on how to start the conversation within the high school and college environment?

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  16. Christy

    Do you suffer from mental illness?

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  17. Abigail

    Is there any way to volunteer with the TWLOHA orginization over the summer?

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  18. Anonymous

    any books you’ve found to be good sources of hope for people that are struggling with depression, addiction, etc.?

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  19. Ashlee

    Hi Jamie! What advice could you give for those personally battling their own demons?

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  20. Kyla

    I just want to say thank you, Jamie. I don’t need to elaborate right now, just thank you. You are amazing.

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  21. Joel

    Hey Jamie. Huge respect out to you and the TWLOHA team, you guys are a huge inspiration. What advice would you give to those of us who are single and seem not to be able to find a significant other, especially on a day like Valentines?

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  22. Anonymous

    Has the movie changed much from pre-release showings?

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  23. Grace

    What do you think about being open on the topic of mental illness, self-harm, etc? Do you think it helps? I’m currently a “recovering” self-harmer, and have found this organization very helpful to me, and as I get further along, am trying to figure out how to extend the help in my little circle.

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  24. Anonymous

    Why don’t you make a shirt saying, “We are all broken people trying to help broken people.” My brokenness has me to pursue a degree in Psychology to walk with other survivors and hopefully help them through. None of us have all answers, we just have to try.

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  25. anon

    Anyone know where Jamie is speaking in Minneapolis Minnesota?!

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  26. kasey

    Do you ever work with the military? I know that suicides among soldiers is extremely high.

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