After Midnight

By Bryan FunkJanuary 1, 2015

2015 has arrived. At midnight we officially rang in the New Year.

Maybe you were standing among the one million people in Times Square when the ball dropped. Maybe you wished loved ones were closer. Maybe you were alone, struggling to grasp the hope we all ache to embrace as one chapter ends and another begins. 

Wherever you were and wherever you are now, know this: It is good to have you with us. 2015 is better because you are here.

As the fireworks fade, this is when the hard work begins for all of us. 

In a small office in sunny Florida, a group of people has been working hard to dream up what is possible in 2015. Looking over the past eight years, we have been lucky enough to witness positive change in the lives of thousands of people all around the world. Looking back, we’ve responded to more than 180,000 messages from people in 100 countries, invested more than $1.5 million into treatment and recovery, and travelled more than 3.4 million miles to meet people face to face. 

If you met us on the road, wore a TWLOHA shirt, connected with words you needed to hear on our blog, or shared our Find Help page with a friend, we are grateful. As 2015 begins, we are asking for your help. 

This is your invitation to help us do great work in 2015 and beyond. We will continue to travel across the country to music festivals. HEAVY AND LIGHT will happen once again in Los Angeles and Orlando. We will continue to communicate words of hope and healing, and we will do our best to connect those struggling to mental health resources in their communities. After midnight, that is our promise: to keep this movement going. 

You can help make all of these things happen by giving a monthly donation. Sign up here.

To show our appreciation, donors will receive the following perks:

$5/month – Downloadable version of the TWLOHA calendar images 

$15/month -TWLOHA poster print signed by TWLOHA founder Jamie Tworkowski 

$25/month – $50 gift card to the TWLOHA Online Store 

$50/month – Signed copy of Jamie’s book, to be released in 2015

If you can’t give this year, you can still help. Let your family, friends, and followers know how they can support TWLOHA in 2015.


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Comments (12)

  1. Kristen

    If I can manage the $50 monthly donation, will it be the book signed by Jamie, or will it be the book and the gift card and the poster, etc?

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    1. Bryan

      Hi Kristen,

      The perks compound, so if you gave $50/month you would get them all. 🙂

      Let us know if you have any other questions!

      Reply  |  
      1. Kristen

        Okay, thanks for getting back to me! 🙂

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  2. Whit

    I STRONGLY encourage you to comment, blog, or something about Leelah’s suicide. Maybe something was said, but after looking through your website, blog, FB, Tumblr, and Twitter, I’m not seeing anything. I know you can’t cover every single suicide that happens because unfortunately the numbers are still staggering but this particular one needs more attention and you all have a huge platform. Trans lives matter. Leelah’s life mattered. It’s ok to reach out to someone in the trans community to write a blog post for TWLOHA if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. Or if you do, just make sure you use she/her pronouns and her preferred name. I hope to read something soon!

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    1. Emma

      When the news broke that Robin Williams had taken his life, I immediately went to this site in anticipation of it being talked about. And it was – Jamie wrote a wonderful and inspiring blog post about it. With another suicide that has gained a lot of media attention, I feel Leelah’s suicide would be an appropriate and relevant topic for a future blog post.

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  3. Dani

    Thank you for what you’re doing. I’m attending the House of Blues Event on Jan 31st in Orlando. Also have a Donor Drive page for AFSP’s Out of the Darkness Walk on Feb 7th. I’ve lost three family members and two dear friends to suicide. Luckily, saved one too. We all have stories to share; we can all help someone who is lonely and depressed. Your organization and AFSP pull me out of my own depression. I’m a Survivor of Suicide and I will support your efforts every way I can. If I’m allowed to post my donor drive page and story:

    I look forward to working with the UCF chapter also. Keep up the awareness and great work.

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  4. Abi

    Is this only for people in the US? I live in Scotland but wasn’t sure if you were only providing this for US residents.

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    1. Claire Biggs

      Hi Abi,

      You can donate to the campaign no matter where you live, and you will still receive the perks as long as you contribute before midnight (EST) tomorrow.


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  5. Francis

    Hey guys,

    I’m already donating on a monthly basis from New Zealand. Do I need to start my donation again to get the poster?


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    1. Claire Biggs

      Hi Francis,

      Thank you so much for your generous support! If you haven’t signed up or donated through our official After Midnight campaign, you will not qualify for the perks.

      If you would like to receive the perks, you need to sign up through the campaign before midnight ET tonight (Jan. 15). Here is the link:

      Thank you so much again for helping us present hope and find help for those struggling.

      With Hope,

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  6. Wave

    Hi! I set up my monthly donation today, I am excited to support you guys! I was just wondering, when are the perks delivered? At the end of the year?

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    1. Claire Biggs

      Hi Wave,

      Thank you so much for your donation! We’re so grateful for your support.

      The perks will be delivered throughout the year, and we will keep you updated via email about when and how your perks will be delivered.

      With Hope,

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