Another Day With You

By To Write Love on Her ArmsAugust 9, 2021

When the pandemic altered nearly every part of daily life, we wondered what it would mean for those struggling, for those currently fighting to stay alive.

A mental health crisis already existed within the US and the pandemic has only made it more glaringly obvious. The collective trauma and loss nearly doubled the number of people having thoughts of suicide and experiencing depression compared to previous years. And in March of 2020, one in four young adults reported thinking about suicide because of the pandemic.

We’ve experienced grief on a global level—and while some of us may see a shift as we move through and hopefully beyond this chapter, others are feeling something else entirely. The aftershocks of panic and anxiety, and the lasting effects of loss and heartbreak still linger.

One bright spot, a moment of tragic optimism, is that this shared experience made talking about mental health almost a normal part of everyday life. We were surprised to witness moments where the polite, “How are you?” was not expected to be met with an unassuming “fine.”

Recently, the WHO reported an updated worldwide statistic: 700,000 people die by suicide globally each year. You may recall that in the past few years, that number was said to be 800,000. This shows us that suicide can and is being prevented, however, the work is not done. The truth of this heartbreaking reality is that for every 100 deaths, one will be by suicide.

But we believe we can all be a part of this movement, of the change that needs to happen, through sharing resources, connecting people to help, and being a voice of hope.

Last spring, the National Mental Health Crisis Hotline experienced call volumes 891% higher than the prior year. While overwhelming, we are grateful to bear witness to individuals reaching out and asking for help. There is bravery and strength in admitting you need support. And we know there are people, family, friends, neighbors that want the chance to have another day with you.

We also believe there is power in the words we say and share and post. Change can be felt and seen when we take the time to say to ourselves and those we love that we want you to stay. We see your light and believe you are a story still going. We hope for another day with you.

For World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10, we invite you to share this message with those in your world—who you may or may not know are struggling. This community, this movement knows what it’s like to face and endure moments that feel insurmountable. Those moments when you’re nearly certain you can’t or won’t survive. But we know, and you know through lived experience, that they are survivable. They are far from insignificant, they are far from easy—but they remain opportunities to witness healing and change. They result in another day.

And to us, another day with you means the chance for feelings to shift, joy to be reintroduced, and hope to grow. 

Another day with you holds space for the memories yet to be made.
Another day with you represents the belief that better days are ahead.
Another day with you to breathe, to reflect on how far you’ve come, to stay.

We don’t want to do any of this without you, which is why we ask for you to take it one day at a time—but not by yourself, with us cheering you on.

You deserve the 24-hours in front of you and so much more.
You deserve another day holding onto hope.
Another day believing in the good that has happened and can still happen.
Another day to sift through the pain and welcome healing.

Another day of possibilities.
Another day to feel love and give love.
Another day to live.

Find out how you can be a part of the Another Day With You campaign here.

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