Chasing Freedom: An Update.

By Chris Youngblood

Depression is a fickle foe. Just when you think you are past your struggle, it can pull you back down harder and faster than it did the first time. But there is hope. There is always hope. It comes in the form of people around you, professional help, and sometimes even the encouragement of strangers.

Last October, we posted a blog about Hyperbole and a Half creator Allie Brosh and her post “Adventures in Depression,” where she takes readers along her struggle with depression that seemed to come out of nowhere for her. Pairing hilarious illustrations with her struggle, she amusingly and truthfully tells what it was like for her to experience this sudden feeling of self-hate. At the end of her post, you could be left thinking all is better and that she was back to her daily routine.


“Adventures in Depression” still remains to be Allie’s most recent update on the site, which has left many fans and supporters wondering where she has been and how she was doing. The question was posted on three weeks ago, and after five months of online silence, Allie gave an update. The ending of “Adventures in Depression” wasn’t the end of her struggle with depression. In her post on Reddit, Allie shares about the place she was during the time of that post, the good and bad days, seeking help, finding support from the people in her life, and even an appreciation to everyone who has shared kind words, their stories, and any bit of encouragement they could give.

Perhaps the most telling piece of her journey was when she finally realized she didn’t have to fight her battle alone. Allie came to a place where she decided she needed to talk to someone. Or a few someones. That’s my hope for anyone who is struggling with depression or any of the issues we talk about. You are allowed to feel the way you feel, and you are allowed to get help.

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