Forty-nine UChapters and counting…

By Holly HallumMarch 17, 2011

Over the last year and a half I have watched our organization participate in some very exciting things; from winning $100,000 from Chase Community Giving to a full-page ad in USA TODAY to being named “Must-Follow Non-Profit” by Mashable.

All these things have raised awareness, spread hope, encouraged others, and spread the message of TWLOHA in new ways. And none of them could have happened had it not been for the dedication and care demonstrated by our supporters.  You guys have helped TWLOHA reach new audiences, raise awareness, and bring the message of hope and help to new areas of the world, now reaching so many more people than we ever could have imagined. Our supporters, Street Team, and UChapter members have proven time and again their commitment to reaching out to others and starting conversations, offering hope and the promise of redemption, and loving others well.

Our University Chapters have played an integral part in this movement, and today we want to celebrate them. We currently have 49 active, official TWLOHA University Chapters. Our chapters span two countries, 24 states, and hundreds of people. Chapters members work tirelessly to bring the message of TWLOHA to their campuses, inspiring hope, encouraging help, and reminding people that they are not alone. Building community is a huge focus of our chapters, and they have shown us again and again how sharing our lives, knowing others, and being intentional can influence the world around us in positive ways.

As you may have already seen, to thank our chapters for their endless support, we have created exclusive and personalized UChapters Title Logo shirts. You may have seen pictures of them floating around the UChapters Tumblr. Debuting these shirts has raised a lot of questions so we’d like to answer some of those now.

Q: Why were these shirts created?
These UChapters Program shirts were created to thank our chapters for the work they do for us. They are also intended to help unify our chapters at their events and build community within the chapter.

Q: How can I get one?
The only way to get one of these custom shirts is to join an already active TWLOHA UChapter or start a chapter on your campus. If you are not sure if your school has a chapter on campus, you can see a list of our active chapters here.

Q: How do I start a University Chapter on my campus?
If you are interested in starting a chapter on your campus, please email [email protected] for more information about how to get started. The first step is to attend a MOVE Community Conference where you will gain the necessary knowledge of the issues and tools needed to lead a chapter on your campus.  To find out more about MOVE, including dates and locations of upcoming conferences, please visit our website.

Q: Will these shirts be available online?
No, these shirts were created specifically for UChapters members. They will not be made available in our online store.

Thank you, each of you, for your continued support and care for TWLOHA. Our hearts are filled with gratitude and the excitement of what’s to come. You are valued and loved in so many ways.

With Hope,

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