Gemma the Australian. Nada the Canadian. And jamie talks Story.

By Jonathan FrazierMay 30, 2008

Hey Guys.

How are you?  How was your week?  Weird week for me.  i’ve been sick.  Rest of the team is busy as we’ve got 12 new folks showing up tomorrow, to spend their summer interning with TWLOHA.  Michael and Jon are getting ready for two months of Warped Tour.  Michael led the charge for us last summer, so he’s an old pro at this point…

There’s a couple people i want you to meet, and i’ve asked them to say hello.  They are our friends from far away.  Climbed the borders to be here…  Byron and i met Gemma when we were in Australia back in March.  She came all the way from Melbourne to spend some time working with us.  So, meet Gemma the Australian:

“I’m asked to introduce myself as Gemma from Melbourne, Australia. I’ve had a privilege of spending the last month with some seriously wonderful and genuine folk here in Cocoa, FL. The sun is hotter here and the air is thick with moisture. nearly anything you order comes deep fried and covered in cheese. They eat things like fried Jalapinos and pickles as snacks, and supposedly southern sweet tea is the new water. I’ve slept in a park in Beverly Hills, eaten grits *shudders*, been to a cafe and had to make our own coffee, and lived in a town where there is nothing to do except read Bauby and listen to copious amounts of Bradley Hathaway. And don’t get me started on the man, on my plane, who asked me if Austria is short for Australia!

This country’s full of heaps amazing things though, one being TWLOHA. I’m excited for the things that are happening within TWLOHA, and the things TWLOHA is beginning to do within Australia, I’m excited about the conversations we are having and the people we are sharing them with. I can’t wait to take this hope back to my home.”

We met Nada on Warped last summer. In Detroit and again in LA, i believe it was. She is Nada the Canadian and a heck of a writer, so you’ll be hearing more from her:

“I am the neighbor from the North, Canada actually. Toronto, more specifically. I’ve replaced my crowded and bustling city streets with the quiet calm of a town called Cocoa. Confessedly, I’m still adjusting, as I’ve just now arrived this past week. Gemma and I share a common bond as foreigners to this strange place of all things fried and battered. This is my first time in Florida, and I couldn’t have received a better welcome. The TWLOHA family were more than inviting into their homes and lives, and I could not be more excited to be here. I’ve fallen in love with the feeling of community here, which reaffirms my faith in southern hospitality. This has already been such an incredible opportunity, and I’m anticipating the growth and reach of this movement and am honored to be apart of it. There is so much that we have in the works for the future of TWLOHA, so continue your support because it is needed and definitely appreciated. Please come say hello this summer on Warped Tour! This will be our best summer yet!”

Coming Soon: Olivia from London!

Jamie here. i was having kind of a bad day the other day. Been meaning to write a blog for a while, and for some reason, it just wouldn’t write… Too much stuff in my brain and i end up saying none of it. You know what i mean? Anyway, i came home to an email from a guy called Jeff. i’ve never met Jeff in person, but now and then he writes to ask if he can ask me some questions. Jeff asks good questions, so i tend to say yes. Anyway, it turned out to be a cool opportunity to say some things. Somehow answering questions can be easier than writing a blog. Maybe it’s like the person asking questions is giving you permission… Anyway, Jeff runs a site called Wrecked for the Ordinary and this was the third interview we’ve done. Like i said, Jeff asks good questions and this time he wanted to talk about storytelling. You can check it HERE. Feel free to leave comments there or here. We love hearing from you guys.

i am gonna go watch a movie. Don’t worry about me – maybe it’s a good excuse to slow down and catch up on some quiet time. Movies to watch, books to read, maybe even some writing. It’s gonna be okay.

Peace to you, tonight and this weekend.
You are loved.
: )

PS: We never really officially announced this, so i just keeping making it the PS. Have you seen the New ALIVE shirt, V-Neck and tank?

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