The Giving Keys wants you to “Pay It Forward.”

By Jessica HaleyJune 10, 2011

Several months ago, Caitlin Crosby, founder of The Giving Keys, began receiving online requests for “TWLOHA” engraved keys. She had seen numerous orders for keys engraved with words like “hope,” “love,” and “strength,” but why TWLOHA? She mentioned this to her friend Stephanie Hopson of Vanguard Records (a huge supporter of our organization) and a few days later an email from Caitlin appeared in my inbox.

We checked out her website and a few of us on staff instantly fell in love with the concept. Not to mention, we LOVED the keys! Caitlin used to engrave keys to sell at music festivals, but over time she felt that something was missing. One rainy day on Hollywood Boulevard, Caitlin found the missing piece. She met a couple named Cera and Rob, both homeless and struggling to survive. She fell in love with their story and their hearts. Caitlin began to pay them to engrave her keys and soon keys sold more quickly, which resulted in employment for Cera and Rob. Their new jobs gave them a chance to move off the streets and truly get the fresh start they deserved. And, Caitlin’s organization was born.

Everything we learned about The Giving Keys was so encouraging and we knew we wanted to be part of it. Caitlin and I started emailing back and forth brainstorming ways our organizations could work together. It was amazing to me that that so many people were choosing to engrave “TWLOHA” on their keys. It is what they identified with, what they wanted to wear each day. Plus, one of the greatest parts of this project is what happens when you purchase a key. When you buy a key you promise to one day give it away, or “Pay It Forward.” The instructions are to give your necklace to a person you feel needs the message/word on that key the most. Once you share your key with someone else, you head over to their website and share why you shared your necklace and the message it carries. Pay it forward – a simple concept, and in this case, a great way for someone to learn about TWLOHA while feeling loved and cared for.

So, because these exchanges are happening across the globe, The Giving Keys crew is now offering our TWLOHA supporters an exclusive deal! From now until June 30th, TWLOHA supporters will receive $5 off every key ordered using the discount code “TWLOHA” at checkout. And you can purchase a key with any word engraved on it. (For example: if you order three keys, you’ll receive $15 off.)

On top of this great deal, for every “TWLOHA” engraved key sold, The Giving Keys will donate $5 to TWLOHA! We are so grateful for their support. More than anything though, we hope this brings you unexpected conversations. We hope your key helps you own your story, share it with others and maybe even connect with someone along the way. We already have our own “TWLOHA” engraved keys so let’s just pretend we have a few that say “discount” and it’s time for us to “Pay It Forward” and pass it on to you! Enjoy! 🙂

With Hope,

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