HAITI: Please do what you can to help.

By Kaitlyn PartinJanuary 14, 2010

Two nights ago, an earthquake rocked Port-au-Prince, the capitol of Haiti. It’s meant confusion for many of us watching from the U.S. and around the world, trying to follow any source of information from breaking news sources to social networking sites. In searching for an estimate of the casualties from this disaster, I stumbled across a number that made my stomach churn:


CNN.com reports that an estimated 100,000 lives are assumed to have been lost in the earthquake thus far, and that’s not accounting for the lack of food, clean water and proper medical care that may not be available to people at this time.

Our friends at Invisible Children have provided a link to an excellent resource called TakePart for anyone looking to donate. More than a dozen organizations are listed, with appropriate links to each source. Take the time to look over the help available, and please consider donating.

Thank you for caring for the lives of others through your thoughts and prayers, and/or financial contribution. 

We’re glad that you’re alive today. 

Kaitlyn and Team TWLOHA



Invisible Children

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