I hope you spend it well.

By Aundre LarrowSeptember 22, 2021

The following is a collaboration between photographer Aundre Larrow and TWLOHA for the Another Day With You campaign in honor of suicide prevention and awareness.

Hey there friend, I’m Aundre.

We probably haven’t met, and I’m honestly surprised you’re reading my words right now. You could be doing so many other things but you chose to spend this moment with me. Thank you for that.

Would you mind reading a bit more?

This year when collaborating with To Write Love On Her Arms to create images for the ‘Another Day With You’ campaign, I kept coming back to Winnie the Pooh.

It was the first stuffed animal my mom ever gave me and the way she tells it, I tried to give it away to another kid almost immediately. She got it back obviously! (That isn’t really an important point, I just thought it would make you laugh.)

The thing that I love about Winnie the Pooh, is that he always just wanted to be a friend.

Every story he was in, whether he was stuck in a tree or floating above the hundred acre wood, he was thankful that others cared for him. He, Eeyore, Rabbit, Piglet, etc. were all there for each other in triumph and sorrow.

That’s what I want for you.

Not for you to be a pantless bear who loves honey (haha), but more seriously to know the truth that can be found in the love of others. The truth that you matter and without you, things just wouldn’t be the same.

It doesn’t take as many friends as Winnie or as absurd of adventures to know that someone loves and cares for you and would love another day with you.

I hope you spend it well.


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Pictured: Steve Irby, Sterling Montes, Sabrina Coyle, Gissell Diaz, Nate, Dondre Green, Melaine Brkich, and Neivy Hilario

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