I Will Meet You at the Top

By Elizabeth BowenJanuary 30, 2017

Dear depression,

You don’t own me.

You’d like to think you do, but you don’t. Everyone has a battle, and you are simply mine. I understand that I’m wired to feel deeper than some. I also understand that many people have a much more severe case of you than I do. I understand that while I feel pain very deeply, there are others who have gone through trials and sufferings much greater than mine. I understand that they are warriors. I understand that their trials do not make them stronger or weaker than me, nor do mine make me stronger or weaker than them.

I understand that there are the people who will barely experience you in their lifetime. But they have trials, burdens, and memories of their own. We are all called up to face our own darkness. Just because we don’t know which side of the mountain somebody is climbing doesn’t mean we’re not on the same mountain together.

And we are on the same mountain together. Same journey. Different terrain. Same massive piece of earth. Different valleys and peaks. We were all created with a fire in our hearts for the same destination whether we know it or not.

So again, I say:

Dear depression,

You don’t own me.

I am greater than you. I will climb this mountain. I will make it to the top.

And for those of you reading this, no matter what your struggle, I will meet you there.



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Comments (13)

  1. Lauren Carter

    This is beautiful, I love it.

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  2. U

    Beautiful, I just got an ounce more energy to climb up that mountain, thank you!

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  3. Monica

    Love it!

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  4. Teall

    Thanks, Elizabeth. My fiancé and I are currently going through some major stuff which had me self harming this morning, but reading this has put it all into perspective. He hasn’t gone away completely…..just for a little while and I CAN RISE ABOVE IT ALL!

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  5. Cynthis

    I needed this today!! Thank you for writing and posting this. I am a survivor of suicide and some days I get depressed but I know there is always another day!

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  6. Diane Thompson

    Is there a U.K. Store we can buy from. I live in Northern Ireland and postage comes up at the same cost as merchandise. I love the work you do and would love to support it whilst making others aware you exist and I thought wearing your t shirts or wrist bands would be a conversation starter. I’m a youth leader and in contact with many who would be curious about who you are and what you do.

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    1. Claire Biggs

      Hi Diane,

      Thanks so much for your comment and support!

      Although we don’t have a UK store, we do sometimes offer free international shipping.

      In the meantime, please take 17% off your order using INTO17.

      We hope that helps!

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  7. Lauren Salinas

    This is what i needed. I needed this. It hasn’t been the best of times, but thank you for writing that this constant feeling does not define me. You said the right words in a short paragraph. I love it.

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  8. Payne Thompson

    Wow this is the most beautiful thing i have ever read, thank you so much Elizabeth you are the true light of the world.

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  9. Becky Ison


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  10. KB

    Thank you for writing this. I have battled anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember. I currently struggling with postpartum depression. Reading this tonight helps me to feel less a lone. It’s a great reminder.

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  11. Suzie

    I love this. I might read this every morning before getting out of bed. I’m scared of getting help for depression and anxiety. I feel like everyone will look at me bad. I started spiraling since my miscarriage. Sometimes I’m good then I have bad days. Reading this made me feel better. Thank you!!

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  12. Kaylee

    I realize that it’s almost been a year since this has been posted, but thank you. I’m pretty positive that I have depression and I’m a self-harmer. Depression and me meet pretty much every day and yesterday it talked to me and told me a lot of things that I took to heart (although a couple I didn’t) which I know weren’t true. Thx for the reminder that I can beat this. That depression doesn’t own me and that I am more than my depression.

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