Life is Worth Living, Even Now

By To Write Love on Her ArmsSeptember 10, 2019

“I make today better because I decided to live despite every reason to not.”

“I make today better because I can be someone’s new friend.”

“I make today better by having grace for myself and grace for others.”

“I make today better for my fellow dreamers.”

“I make today better because I survived.”

You make today better.

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10) and this week is National Suicide Prevention Week (September 8-14). For the past eight years, we’ve dedicated this season to encouraging people around the globe to challenge the lie that tells us we can’t help prevent suicide. Today inspires us to speak up and not allow shame to silence us, to share our unabridged stories, to not be afraid to ask others if they’re struggling or to admit that we might need help too. Today reminds us that there are people who are hurting in this world, maybe even the people in our own lives, maybe even ourselves. And that’s okay. It’s okay to struggle, to feel depressed or anxious, to think about leaving when the pain is overwhelming. But while those feelings are okay, we need you to know that it’s also okay to ask for help and to talk about your pain.

For the last few weeks, we’ve worked to share a message that we believe to be true, words that you and others deserve to hear: You make today better.

On the day that is brimming with unexpected laughter and genuine smiles, your presence and joy make that day better. On the day that is challenging and filled with unexpected hurdles and a heaviness, your honesty and vulnerability make that day better. Here and now, no matter how you are feeling or what you are facing, you make today better.

With the You Make Today Better campaign and throughout the rest of this week, we hope to bring light to the topic of suicide and the ways we can work to prevent it, to inspire you and others to use the “You Make Today Better” message to start life-saving conversations online and at home, and to invest $150,000 directly into treatment and recovery for those who are unable to afford the care they need and deserve. As other organizations, companies, schools, and individuals work toward this shared goal, we know that with their dedication and your support, we will be able to help people heal and stay.

We hope that you will visit the You Make Today Better campaign page at the start of every day this week to discover a new, invaluable way for you to be part of this movement and to change the statistics that remind us of the work that needs to be done.

Get started right now by watching and sharing the video that we created, with your help, in honor of World Suicide Prevention Day below. By spreading this message, you are reminding yourself and others that you are not alone and that life is worth living, even now.

By being here, by reading and sharing these words, by supporting this campaign—you make today better.

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  1. Dori

    Today is my first husband Ron’s 51st birthday-the Father of my children’s -or it would have been. 11 years ago last month he killed himself. I saw your video on our company’s share point site and I broke down. What an awful coincidence that today is suicide prevention day and also his birthday. Thank you for this . I so needed this today. You see, ever since Ron killed him self it started a traumatic chain reaction in my family. Three years ago my oldest son- our 24 year old son- drowned. He had a blood alcohol level of .228. I’m now dealing with the addiction of my youngest. The cycle is still raging as he was suicidal off and on all year. I’m praying for a miracle. I want off this merry go round. Thank you though for what you’re doing. It brings my heart such hope. God bless you

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    1. TWLOHA


      We want you to know how sorry we are for the loss of your husband, Ron. We hope yesterday was kind to you and that today is as well. Please know that you and your sons do not have to go through this alone, your pain and grief are valid. But there is hope. Healing is possible.

      Would you email our team at [email protected] so we can learn more about you and offer you some support and encouragement? It would be our honor, truly.

      With Hope,

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