A message from Switchfoot’s Jon Foreman.

By Jamie Tworkowski

Jamie here. This is just the intro…
People often ask if I’m surprised by everything that’s happened with TWLOHA over the last year; the way it’s spread, the doors that have opened, the friends we’ve made. And of course, in many ways, I am. But another truth is that surprising doors have been opening in my life for a while now, beyond my ability to explain. Some of the guys that inspire me the most, I have known the privilege of their friendship. My life has long been loaded with reminders, and examples, of what is possible.

I have known some dangerous dreamers, and at the top of this list is a guy named Jon Foreman. Jon lives in and loves a place called San Diego, and he plays in a band that behaves like a family, a band called Switchfoot. Jon is a man of enormous vision, talent, passion, kindness, and humility. He is a thinker, a lover, a fighter, and a phenomenal leader who has been singing about his aches and dreams and desire for change, for the last ten years.

It’s hard to express how much I’ve learned, and how many ways I’ve been inspired, by Jon Foreman. (He is also the first person to wear a TWLOHA shirt, a year ago tomorrow night. Make sure you read the blog that follows this one.) Okay, so I’m realizing now that this intro is longer than the thing it’s meant to introduce… I hope that’s okay.
: )

From Jon Foreman:
A year ago, my friend Jamie got a box of shirts. Inside and out, the shirts told a story: a firsthand account of an attempt to love, an honest attempt to change the world for the better. Since then, I’ve seen these shirts from Florida to the UK. They remind me of community. They remind me of the tension between pain and hope. They remind me of my friend.

Love is, as far as I can tell, the most mature response to any situation – the pinnacle of what it means to be truly human. Love is a wrench in the wheels of cause and effect, of reactionary living, of casual imitation. Yes, speed and events are all around us in the information age, but motion, true motion, is rare. Love is the movement. Keep moving, amigos.


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