For Mom. Thank You.

By Jamie Tworkowski

Thank You for ignoring the doctors when they told you to stop trying to have kids.

Thank You that you kept dreaming your dream.
Thank You for loving Jessica and Emily and me. 

Thank You for loving Dad, in sickness and in health.
Thank You for all you’ve sacrificed. You have traded so much to give us a better life.
You gave up horses for a sea you didn’t need. And that sea, it’s been my home.
And my church since ours exploded.
Thank You that you still believe in God. 
Thank You for your innocence.
Thank You for the way you ache for peace. 
Thank You for quietly working tirelessly, day and night behind the scenes my entire life.
You are the most selfless person i know. 
Thank You that you look at this website more than anyone i know. 
Thank You for praying for my wife. 
Thank You for believing she exists.  
Thank You for your laughter. i know no better sound. 
Thank You for helping me sleep when i was 5 and also 25.

Thank You for seeing the best in me when i was not my best, and when i could not see beyond my own pain. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for believing in the simple bigger story, the too-many-surprises, the way the dots connect. Thank You that you see it when i don’t.

Thank You that your hope for me is no award and no achievement. Thank You that you simply hope to see me smile. Thank You that you ask if i’m okay when you have a feeling that i’m not.

Thank You for loving me. 

Thank You for loving my sisters. 
Thank You for loving my Dad.
Thank You for loving Baby Landon!!
Thank You for loving so many people over so many years asking nothing in return. 
Your heart beats inside me and i count it no small thing.

i Love You. 

i am proud to be your son. 
Happy Mother’s Day. 

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