MOVE Community Conference Update

By Chris Youngblood

Before we update you on our MOVE Conferences, I thought it would be good to give you a bit of information about what they are first, for long-time supporters who may need a refresher and new supporters who’ve never heard of them.  

MOVE Community Conference is a two-day, in-depth, engaging workshop that exists to begin a conversation about issues often left in the dark.  It is our way of equipping and educating communities about the topics we address at TWLOHA:  depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide, and also the role a trusted community plays on the path of recovery.  

Our aim is to battle stigma and shame with honesty and compassion.  MOVE is for people who are looking for a way to engage others in conversations about topics we believe matter very much.  MOVE is for students, mentors, parents, friends, pastors, professionals, and for everyone in-between.  This conferences stems from the idea that uniting our resources helps take people from places of pain to places of hope and healing.  In a discussion led by professional counselors, we explore what is behind these struggles, what drives them, what recovery looks like, and how we can make a difference.

We hope to meet you at a MOVE Conference and are excited to share two conference dates to finish out 2011.  Whether you want to attend a conference to become more knowledgeable about the issues we talk about there, to use this info to help a friend or a loved one, or to meet the necessary requirement to start a UChapter on your campus, we’re grateful you’re considering MOVE this December.  Our conference dates and locations are:

– MOVE St. Augustine – December 2-3, 2011 in St. Augustine, FL
– MOVE Chicago – December 9-10, 2011 in Chicago, IL

We understand that attending a MOVE Conference is a requirement in creating a TWLOHA UChapter on a college or university campus. We are still determining the best way for this training to take place, but regardless of whether this training is offered at the conference itself or held at a later date in a different format, such as online, attendance at a MOVE Conference by the prospective UChapter leader is still necessary in order to apply to become an official UChapter on your campus.

Finally, we have one last important piece of information for you to consider. Several changes have taken place on our MOVE team over the last few months and will continue to take place into next year. Because of this, MOVE St. Augustine and MOVE Chicago will be the only conferences held until next summer at the earliest, if not the fall of 2012. We know that there is a large interest in MOVE, as well as UChapters, so if any of you are weighing the options of attending one of the conferences in December, please know that these are your only options to do so for the next several months.

Deadlines to apply are:

– MOVE St. Augustine – November 21, 2011
– MOVE Chicago – November 28, 2011

For more information about MOVE Community Conferences, please visit our webpage here. Further inquiries, as well as requests for applications to attend MOVE, can be sent to

As always, we truly appreciate your continued interest in joining us in conversation at MOVE. We hope this update answers some of your questions, and we look forward to seeing you in St. Augustine and Chicago in December!

With Hope,

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