MOVE Conference: Cocoa Beach

By Kaitlyn PartinFebruary 18, 2010

Hey guys.

I want to extend an official invitation for you to join us this March 12 – 13, 2010 in Cocoa Beach, Florida for a MOVE Community Conference.

Odds are that if you read these blogs regularly, you probably have an idea about these conferences. If you’re new MOVE, you can find more information here:

It’s my hope that you would share about this conference with someone who cares about saving lives and walking alongside those in places of pain, but who hasn’t read our blog. Call them up, email them or simply sit them down next to you. Share our desires to see community leaders, counselors, teachers, mentors, pastors and parents become more equipped in discussing issues of community, brokenness and pain, addiction, depression and anxiety, self-harm, eating disorders and suicide where they live. Share why you care too.

This month has been a heavy one for many of us on staff. That’s an awkward statement to make without any follow-up, but I tell you that to remind you that we understand the difficulty that surrounds engaging others in conversations about these topics… We too are invested in the lives of our family members, our friends (who feel like family) and our community. We hurt when others settle into a dark place, and we feel lighter when people move forward in finding help just like you do.

What encourages me the most and makes me feel most privileged in my job right now is that the topics we address as an organization, and the bigger picture, this “movement” we speak so highly of, is something universal.

We have a big year ahead of us. I hope that I can meet you at a MOVE conference and hear why you’re passionate about continuing to speak about these issues in your community. Why do you want to MOVE?

Director of MOVE Community Conferences





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  1. Mollie Johnson

    My Name is Mollie Johnson I am trying to contact a lot of people from this organization, I was wondering if I could go to this MOVE conference (Ive never been) with my Respect for Life club. I am the president of this club and would like every memeber (new and old) to know what respecting and loving life is really about

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