New Video: 10 Years of TWLOHA

By To Write Love on Her ArmsMarch 30, 2016

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  1. tito santos

    Meu nome e tito e eu me mutilo a 5 anos n consigo parar de fazer isso uso drogas a um bom tempo e n sei como pedir ajuda n quero morrer mais parece q esse será meu fim

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    1. Scott Kendrella

      Tito, por favor, não desista de viver. O câmbio é difícil, mesmo insuportável, mas você tem que acreditar que no final vai valer a pena. E você não está sozinho. Talvez que a dor parece diferente em sua vida, mas todos nós sentimos isso. Há esperança. E você importa. Jesus te ama. Por favor, lembre-se disso e não desista.


      Scott K.

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  2. Miles

    Nicely done!!!!

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  3. Margo

    Wow that is so inspiring!! I am struggling with depression right now…

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  4. Monica

    Wonderful! I’m cracking up that I live in America and yet never heard about your work and your story. So beautiful. Happy anniversary. Keep up the good work. Cheers to the next 10 years and all the lives that will be touched in love and empathy.

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  5. Anuki Isara Dissanayake

    To Write Love On Her Arms has been established in 2006. This organization was about how many people who can improve the real life of everything will be alright. It’s actually works like a Zoetrope. It was obviously amazing. ?

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  6. Theresa Heymers

    Feeling awful, depressed, alone a lot and hopelessness. Have been in recovery for a couple of years, still struggle with depression and self love.

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  7. Joe Rong

    Hi,I am from China,and I am a student in a middle school.I have to tell you there so many people need help in the China.I am fine,at least now .I was lost myself before.And my English is not so good,maybe some sentence is wrong.I will use Chinese to tell you something.
    1.我从《To Write Love on Her Arms》这部电影里看到你们的网址的。

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  9. eil b le

    i dont if i am supposed to be here! sorry for my english. i from philipines thats why. i just watch your movie. to write love on her arms. in the hbo. you know am not a addict person. but in my young age. i commit suicide. i dont what or where it came from, but i actually do that when my grandfather shout at me in his first hurt me physical and emotional. am growing up in my grandmother and grandfather sides of my mom when i was 4, year old. i have a i dont if we sisters or half sister, but we loves each other. we far from our mother and we didnt see our mom for the past 12 years. i have experiences of bullying in grade school. you cuz am the of child who loner. or they trying called “emo” ahm actually i love emo’s people especially there songs. but i didnt commit drugs or any of these. ahm i dont why am writing my story. but my sister shes 17 and turning 18 this coming july 31 . you know high school life. they like hang out with her classmates and shes come home drunk. we have a problem with our mother. and she question about that, we fighting because of her vice, but we. have promises that we stick together still together, but she rebel , cuz she always saud that she wanted freedom, and my mom didnt talk about her or we didnt. about what she doing that. i dont if my fault or my mom fault. that we let her do that. i just wanted to tell this into people who understand, cuz am trying to share it with my fwnds and classmates they just laugh me. ahm… i have inborn of secreta about my feelings, i dont like to sharing somebody or anyone about of what i am feelings seriously. cuz i dont like the they ignore it or they laugh. i just write in the notebook. or shouting on my pillow. i know its wierd. i dont know what to do. to fix it. i cant concentrate my study beacause of my family my sister problem. ahmmm. am. bless by the way. ahhmm. i dont if you undestand. ahmm. just wanted to say that thank you.

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  10. Linda Martin

    Thank you! How can I buy a TWLOHA shirt, etc?

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  11. donna bennett

    Hope is real….Help is real. Talk to someone. You matter!! There is a light at the end of the tunnel I promise!! I can say this cuz I was once in the darkness of dispair for many years.

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  12. Maria Ignacia

    Hola, puedo comunicarme con ustedes en español. Soy chilena y quiero hablar con ustedes por favor. Gracias

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  13. Marta

    są poranki, kiedy budzę się i przestaje wierzyć, że gdziekolwiek na świecie jest pięknie. Albo, że on w ogóle istnieje, że jest jeszcze coś poza tym jednym pokojem, gdzie trzymam smutek w sobie. Tak na prawdę to tylko wy przytrzymujecie mnie przy życiu. Bez was dawno już bym się poddała, Dziękuję.

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  14. Prague Limoncellt

    If each of us saves even just on person this world would be such a better place.
    Love tolerance and kindness is what we each Ned to strive for every day. Pray for peace.

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  15. Melissa

    I wish I could say in words how much this organization has helped me, and helped me admit that it’s OK to not be okay sometimes, to not feel alone with my self harm, suicidal thoughts & depression.
    It made me sort of cry happy tears, because I know how far I’ve come in life, since knowing about this organization when it was only a story, only a Myspace page, and it wasn’t as big as it was today. You are NEVER EVER alone. There are people out there who care about you, and who want to listen to your story.

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    1. Claire Biggs

      We love hearing this, Melissa, and we’re so proud to hear about how far you’ve come over the last few years. Thanks for letting us be part of your story.

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  16. daliya

    thank you for never giving up on us. thank you isn’t enough for the work you’ve done, but thank you. thank you for caring when no one else did. whenever i’m reading something online from you guys i feel less alone so thank you for believing and understanding when no one else did.

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    1. Claire Biggs

      We’ll never give up on you and your story, Daliya. Thank you for letting us be part of your story.

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