One on One: An Honest Conversation w/ Kevin Breel & Jamie Tworkowski.

By Chris Youngblood

Kevin and Jamie are new friends with a lot in common. Both told stories that went viral. Both struggle with depression. In this video, they discuss the challenges and insecurities that have come with attention, along with the importance of being honest. They also talk about their biggest fears and greatest dreams.

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  1. Laurie

    Last year was the first time I ever heard of TWLOHA. I am 53 yrs old. I wear your merchandise and tell people what TWLOHA is all about. Old or young all ages are touched. Your fears and concerns come in all ages. You will never be too young or old to tell your stories and help.

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  2. Bailie

    This is a very touching segment! I love hoe they are so different yet so the same…

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  3. Kristen

    It gives me some peace to know that someone else has the same fears and dreams. I have always felt that I should be able to live a full life without that other person, that I should be “ok” on my own, but I do really want that partner and family. It seems like everyone else gets to have that, everyone else gets to be in love. So few people will admit that they want that too. I’m not willing to settle, so I will continue to stay hopeful.

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  4. Jennifer

    So much love to you both, two of my favorite mental health advocates. Loved the conversation, the honesty, the bravery in what you have each created. I hope to have the chance to meet each of you someday.

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