To Our Fall 2013 Interns, Until We Meet Again.

By Lauren GloyneDecember 16, 2013

The end of an intern term is always a bittersweet time. It’s hard because we have to say goodbye to people who have become additions to our team, and this often includes a variety of emotions (and more than a few tears). On the other hand, it’s also a beautiful time of reminiscing and offering well wishes for the journeys ahead. There are long hugs, whispers of “I love you,” and words of encouragement.

Every term has a unique spirit. There’s something about that specific group of people gathered together for that specific period of time. This “something” exists for a number of different reasons, but mainly because of the stories each intern brings with them. At TWLOHA, we believe each person is living a story, and our interns are no exception. We are blessed to encounter and share in these stories for a few months, and we are excited to see the next chapters unfold. Our fall 2013 term was no different.

This term brought together a wombat-loving hospitality major from Rhode Island, a summer camp counselor from Kansas, an American-in-training from Australia, a witty writer from Arizona, and a dancing New Englander from Massachusetts. Together, they were one of the truest examples of healthy community I’ve ever seen. They were honest, kind, caring, accountable, and they genuinely loved being with each other. They were just a source of joy, in our office and the intern home.

They were also committed to their work. They responded to more than 1,200 messages from supporters during their term and knew what a privilege it was to be invited into those interactions. They helped us pack and ship over 3,000 National Suicide Prevention packs (almost as soon as they walked in the door!). They wrote blogs of inspiration and vulnerability. They sent handwritten letters and notes to supporters all over the world. This group understood that as much as they would grow personally and professionally from this internship, the tasks they completed in the office were just as important to that growth.

The memories made during fall 2013 will be held onto for a lifetime: working together as a team on messages and office projects, climbing 203 steps to the top of a lighthouse in Ponce Inlet, eating way too much Bizarro’s pizza, finally getting me to watch Perks of Being a Wallflower, laughing at BuzzFeed lists, sharing hearts, goals, late nights on the beach, and everything in between. They came. They loved. They conquered.

Alicia, Andrea, Brandi, Jess C., and Jessica M.—THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for sharing the past 15 weeks with us. Rest assured you aren’t the only ones coming away from this experience changed for the better. Thank you for working so hard. Thank you for laughing so often. Thank you for bringing your talents and gifts. Thank you for being committed from day one. Thank you for loving each other and us.
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Until we meet again,

Lauren Gloyne
TWLOHA Intern Program Director

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  1. Helen

    I’m so jealous of all the people being able to do this. I could never afford spending the money on the flight to the US, let alone the housing and stuff.
    This might be one of my ultimate dreams and it’s so sad that it won’t come true.
    Thank you to the great interns this fall, there were some really nice blogs.

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