By Jamie TworkowskiMay 23, 2009

Take some time this weekend to remember. 

War is a very real thing. 

If you feel free or safe tonight, know that it has come and continues to come at the highest cost. 

Soldiers are people – they are us – and many have given their lives for our freedom and security. 

This is not about politics. This is about people. 

The ones that live, can we even imagine what they’ve experienced, what they’ve seen and felt and lost?

What does it mean to “go back to normal”?

How do they recover?  How do they “let it go”? 

This weekend, let’s do a better than “i don’t have to go to work on Monday”.  Let’s look beyond “Oh cool, a three-day weekend.”

Take some time to consider the soldiers.  The people.  Sons and daughters, brothers and husbands. Someone’s father. Someone’s uncle. Cousin. Neighbor. Friend. 

They are the fallen and the fighting and the ones forever trying to make sense of “home”. They are missed by millions.

Have a conversation. Say “thank you”. Ask a question.

The day is meant for remembering. Not just the deaths but the lives and the living.  

We live in a day with more distractions than ever before. More excuses. We make an enormous mistake if we fail to honor these people, if we fail to pause to consider and be grateful and be kind. 

Take some time this weekend to remember. Remember someone you’ve lost. Remember all the different soldiers. Remember the things that matter and the things that are true.

Peace to you.

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