Radical Acceptance: Shattered & Joyful

By Mira KocherhansApril 26, 2022

Whatever you are facing, there is always hope. And we will hold on to hope until you’re able to grasp it yourself. We encourage you to use TWLOHA’s FIND HELP Tool to locate professional help and to read more stories like this one here. If you reside outside of the US, please browse our growing International Resources database. You can also text TWLOHA to 741741 to be connected for free, 24/7 to a trained Crisis Text Line counselor.

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  1. Liz Lewis

    I can’t believe what I have just read – after a lifetime of seeking “happy” I can now recognise that what I’ve been doing by reaching out for natural peace is the answer. Thank you so much for this piece. And for this peace.

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  2. Jeanette

    Absolutely inspiring ❤️

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  3. bob

    Love this

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  4. Carrie

    This story touches my heart. I too often feel sad and keep family at a distance because I want to shield them from my sadness. I’ve been trying not to fight being sad but know that is where my mind tends to be and hope to be accepting of myself more and more.

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    1. TWLOHA


      We are so glad you’re here, and we are grateful to you for having the courage to share. Please know that it’s OK to feel sad. Your thoughts and emotions are not a burden. You do not have to hide to protect others. You deserve to be seen and heard for all that you are——pain and struggles included. You are worthy of being known. If you need a space to share more, you’re always welcome to email us at [email protected].

      With Hope,

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  5. Heather K.

    Mira, thank you for your words. You description of “having spacious emotion, but clumsy with feelings”, hit me right where it mattered most. I have tried to describe it as TV static, too many pictures coming through with no clear image. You have helped me feel seen today and I am ever greatful for you.

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  6. Laura

    This is beautiful and exactly what I needed to read today, thank you.

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