Some Thoughts on TWLOHA Day…

By Jamie Tworkowski

Hey Guys.

Each week, Lindsay from our team sends an email to the entire TWLOHA team. When we open this email, it’s a time to reflect on some of the messages and emails that have come in over the last few days. Some of the messages are heavy and hard to read. Others are full of hope and encouragement. Life is both and everything in between. 

Lindsay sends these messages to remind us of our mission, the heart of the matter. Each week, as we read the messages she includes, we’re reminded where this started and we’re reminded why we do what we do.

Today,  “TWLOHA Day”, is one that our team didn’t come up with. We don’t know a lot about it, to be honest – not sure where it came from or how it spread to so many people. But perhaps that’s been true for much of our story – we’ve seen the best of passion and communication. We’ve seen people share and build something beautiful together. 

With today in mind, i want to share one of the messages that Lindsay sent to us yesterday:

“My name is Taylor and I am 22 years old. I have been an addict for the past six years of my life and have been looking at getting into rehab for awhile now. I should be checking in sometime this week I am just waiting for my federal aid to come in. I wanted to thank you guys for doing what you do and being there. I haven’t personally ever talked to anyone with your organization but my sister heard about it somehow. My sister is 18 years old and has never used a day in her life. Ever since I started using I haven’t been there for her and we kind of live two completely seperate lives. We haven’t gotten along. Today my sister picked me up from my house and said she had a surprise for me. We went and got love tattooed on our arms. She  has never had a tattoo so this was a big step for her. She started crying, I haven’t seen real emotion from my sister in a long long time. She told me what you guys were about and expressed what she has felt about my use and the way I have made her feel. I made a promise to her to stay clean, something I have never said to anyone. Every time I look down at my arm it will remind me of what a commitment my sister has made to me and to helping me stay clean. I just wanted to thank you guys for helping her understand and helping her accept me and not frown upon me. Your organization has really made an impact on both of our lives and I really wanted to express my gratitude.” 

Thank you so much for what you guys do everyday and what your organization will continue to do for so many people, you guys really do save lifes. 

Thank you so much. 

All the love and respect in the world.”

If you decide to write the word “love” on your arm today, please remember the heart of the matter. The goals were never “cute” or “fashion”. Our title, “to write love on her arms”, was born as a goal and it remains a goal. We’re inviting people to fight for their lives and for the lives of their friends. We’re inviting people to believe better things. 

If you want to help us spread the word about hope and help, we would be honored. If you want to tell people that they need other people, that every story matters – again, we would be honored. We say these things because we believe them to be true, and because too many people live alone under other lies.  

Let’s continue to fight to figure out what this word “love” means. Let’s aim for how it looks and how it sounds – maybe something like humility and confidence and kindness, maybe honesty and compassion… 

We’re in all these things together. It’s bigger than cute and louder than fashion. 

Thanks always for your support.

You matter very much.

jamie and the entire TWLOHA team

PS: Switchfoot is performing on Jimmy Kimmel tonight.

PS2: If you’re anywhere near NYC, then we would love to see you at 1:30pm tomorrow (Friday) at Washington Square Park in Manhattan, for a very special photo shoot. Feel free to email if you have any questions.

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Comments (2)

  1. Leonie Janssen

    Even if it is 3 years later.. I will remember you that your stories are still be read (:
    I want to thank you for still being here, still writing stories, still going on with TWLOHA with so incredible much passion! It’s amazing to see it growing, stronger & stronger every day. And more importantly, you are still being yourself, even with so much public. You’re just Jamie 🙂 and caring!

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  2. nicola Elliott

    I have just recently heard about your organisation and would like to say iv struggled way drugs for Tha past 9 years and I got myself clean from December. One day at a time really thinking of getting my life back again. I feel its good for people like yourselves being there just something to take your head away from it. So write love ❤ on her arm and keep peace in your heart

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