Spring has come to an End

By Lindsay KolschApril 28, 2011

Today is our interns’ last official day in the TWLOHA office. This day always seems to be the hardest for our team because we have to say our goodbyes to six people we’ve worked alongside and relied on for the past four months. But the hardest thing about it is that we are not just saying goodbye to interns, we are saying goodbye to six members of our family.

We are so incredibly grateful for every project they’ve helped with, every event they’ve worked, and every message they’ve compassionately responded to. At the end of the term we look back and get to see the total number of lives that our interns have encouraged, inspired and cared for. Over the past four months, there were 1,983 messages that our interns shared the message of love and hope, and the most powerful thing is that there were 1,983 people behind each of these messages. Some of these messages were of heartache, pain and struggle, but many were of recovery, healing and strength. It’s always a mix.

As the hours count down, we are just so thankful for the moments of honesty, encouragement and beauty our interns brought into our office every single day. It’s not an easy thing to work and live with six strangers, but our interns have done it with grace. There were hard times with moments of conflict, but there were also moments of laughter, excitement, and the best of humanity on display for us to see.

On behalf of the TWLOHA staff, I want to thank Kelsey, Alyssa, Brendan, Kevin, Amanda and Joe for everything they’ve done while in Cocoa and for being apart of our TWLOHA family. We are so grateful to be a part of your story and we can’t wait for the next chapter.

With Love,
Lindsay Kolsch
Intern Program Director

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