The Story of Rearview Memories.

By Chad MosesDecember 6, 2012

I don’t know if it’s possible to define a point where a friendship begins. There is no clear threshold—but there is proof that one has crossed it. A friend is a story-bearer, one who lives so that the life of their friend may be known to everyone they meet. Even the most selfish among us, if they have a friend, will melt in a moment’s notice at the heartbreak of a loved one. The meek will dig to find their loudest voice on behalf of someone they hold dear.

Friendship can at times be painful and sleepless, but it is never a chore. Friendship assures that our screams and questions will never go unnoticed. Friendship knows that piecing together questions and lives is an honor.

Levi, Bree, and Gage are my friends. They are among my brothers and sisters in my “Tour Family.” I don’t know if I would still be doing what I do without them. They hold within them immense beauty, talent, and inspiration. They have felt pain and warmth, and they desire to share the things they have learned. After Levi and Bree lost their father to suicide, they wrote a song with Gage and his band To Speak of Wolves called “Rearview Memories” to tell their story, and this video aspires to keep that story alive.

This video and the song that inspired it remind us we are in this together, that art and friends exist to help us remember how to walk after we’ve fallen to our knees. It serves as a reminder that you deserve such friendship. It is worth the fight to be heard, and we stand behind you.

If you feel alone, know that the voices represented here understand how you feel. This is not the end of your story. Don’t give up. Our friends at 1-800-SUICIDE and 1-800-273-TALK stand at the ready for you. Reach out. Ask for help. You are so worth it.


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  1. Dominic Paredes

    Thank you for the information and words. I can feel the emotion in this song and it is one of my favorites.

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